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From ABC news. Michelle franson. Spacex is crew dragon hitching a ride on the falcon rocket complete with a life sized dummy astronaut named Ripley and bound for the international space station the joint launch with NASA. A step toward resuming astronaut flight from the US eight years after the final space shuttle mission ABC's David curly was there for the launch. And Florida overnight. It was a thunderous launch on time. Truth forty five in the morning Saturday. The falcon nine carrying the new dragon crew capsule into space everything working properly. According to SpaceX as the first stage returned to earth and a capsule went into orbit preparing for its docking with the space station tomorrow morning. David curly. ABC news Kennedy Space Center. President Trump's talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong UN causing the parents of the American college student who died in two thousand seventeen after being imprisoned by the regime to speak out, Fred and Cindy, warm beer, declaring an an extraordinary statement, we have been respectful during this summit process. Now, we must speak out and without mentioning the president. They were buke him for his bromance with the dictator. He likes me. I like him Kim and his evil regime are responsible for unimaginable. Cruelty and inhumanity the warm beer said no excuses or lavish praise can change ABC's, Terry Moran. The Trump administration facing backlash over the top level security. Clarence for son-in-law, Jared Kushner, ABC's Tara palm areas at the White House Democrats demanding that the White House turnover memo's related to Jared Kushner's top security clearance. The White House facing a Monday deadline after the New York Times reported that Trump orders White House chief of staff John Kelly to give his son in law the clearance despite the objections of the CIA and White House counsel, ABC's Tara Palmeri reporting..

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