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More on events for the fourth coming up in two minutes. Right now, 1 33. The super were retailers of New England all will dry traffic on the threes. Kevin Brennan, What's going on out there all lower downtown. Still got that game going on to Fenway Park. Delays around the Fenway Park area now sterile drive westbound. Getting reports of a center lane breakdown here, right by the lagoon if you're heading over towards the stadium State of the writer left to get around them. Leaving the city The lever connector. Outbound slow getting up past that Tobin off ramp 93 doors found you got your brake lights, Mont Veil of up to 1 28 Route one north beyond busy up for route 60 here in Revere them a couple more slowdowns after Walnut Street, heading up the Lindfield Tunnel on 28 northbound on the brakes approaching 4 to 25 in Lexington Slow again. Washington Street in Woburn getting up past 93. South of town that expressway South found you're locked up out of the O Neill Tunnel down through seven Hill more slowdowns East Milton Square to the split. Northbound 90 three's jammed out of Randolph onto the northbound Express way that stays slow up to Nippon said You're ready to get approaching the O'Neill tunnel. This report sponsored by Mattress firm It's Mattress firm's Fourth of July sale for a limited time, save up to $500 on a king bed for queen price on top braided mattress brands like Celean, Sleepy's plus get a Free adjustable base with their $999 purchase. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. Thank you. We'll talk to you in 10 minutes. Somehow it feels like of Friday new wave of rain moving through across the region. We're seeing showers. Intermittent showers all across the commonwealth. Right now, some of.

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