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Eight fifty it's two thirty the new natural gas pipeline in Canada would cut right through indigenous land but protesters showed up and could put a stop to the project a few days ago I know where this is going on full force but with all these protesters no end in sight that story's coming up here on the world BBC news with Stuart Macintosh the Chinese authorities have told people returning to Beijing to quarantine themselves full fourteen days to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus state media reported that those who refused would be punished the US department of justice is dropping its criminal investigation of the former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe without bringing charges Mr McCabe has denied allegations of lying to an inquiry about leaks to the media he's frequently been criticized by Donald Trump in another case the justice department is looking into the prosecution of president trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn the two announcements were made at the end of a week marked by a public disagreement between Mr trump and the head of the justice department at least twenty people have been killed in Mali in the latest violence between rival ethnic groups the raid by suspected vigilantes from the Dogon community was on a predominantly Fulani village which has previously been attacked a seven day truce between the United States and the Taliban in Afghanistan is expected to come into effect very soon and could lead to with goals of American troops a senior US official said an initial agreement on a reduction in violence would lead to all Afghan peace talks and cover the whole country European football's governing body you a for has banned the English premier league champions Manchester city from European competition for two seasons it's also imposed a fine of more than thirty million dollars the club was found guilty of breaching financial fair play regulations scientists in California say smoke from wildfires may have an impact on long term health they discovered that juvenile rhesus monkeys exposed to a wild fire twelve years ago and stiffer lungs and we could I mean systems and that these symptoms will cost on to the next generation BBC news the world is supported by Stanford children's health in the newly expanded more children's heart center doubling in capacity the nationally recognized children's hearts center is now able to deliver the best possible care to even more patients with heart disorders Stanford children's health access to excellence hi Marco Werman you're with the world we're a co production of the BBC world service WGBH Boston and PRX the deadly coronavirus outbreak that started in China has now spread to more than two dozen different countries today the first confirmed cases reported in Africa health officials in Egypt said the affected person is a foreigner and was placed in isolation global health experts say it was only a matter of time the virus reached Africa and that's because of the growing relationship between China and many African nations the world's Halina to Condi has more Africa into China or more connected than ever there are Chinese restaurants in Nairobi and African designers in Guang Jo lean I've been a doll less studies trying to Africa relations at Wake Forest University diplomatic relations between China and African partners have seen women relations with many exchanges include in economic exchanges cultural exchanges of diplomatic relations and more recently also security and military relations China has become Africa's top trading partner over the last decade their Chinese businessmen and construction workers working all across Africa and African students an entrepreneur is based in China they rely on a new direct flights that go back and forth between African and Chinese cities but that also means that when the corona virus appeared in Wuhan one thing was clear those same connections also created a possible pathway for this deadly virus.

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