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To the house of commons whereas another week with another vote on a meaningful vote for the second time in a fortnight conservative apples threatened to go against the government on whether they will have a pulp assay onto isa mates brexit deal before they step back from the edge with ultimately found late this year whether bellion that didn't turn into anything this week meant anything meanwhile not much pokes being made on the uk's negotiating position with next week some looking like something of a washout jewish populace talk again for bit of history repeating about the meaningful votes so after two weeks ago they had the bought off with compromises from theresa may the rebels felt they were portrayed then that's it we're going to vote for this we're going to get it through we're going to show the government didn't quite pan out like that though it was a bit of a fizzle the rebellion fizzled visit the end in it and i think basically there was a war of attrition over a couple of weeks as us just describing where there were various pressure was put on the on rebels they were fake threats of selection there was quite a hostile social media campaign i think there was also growing sense on both sides the party i she that this route escalate to a point where pose a serious risk to the credibility and authority of the prime minister on the on the government and there was a very important meeting held in whip's office convened by all of letwin who's david cameron's troubleshooter for everybody not their heads together and said let me go try and find a way of deescalating this and in the end the rebels cave dominic grieve that she rebel basically ended up voting against his own amendments and that has to be counted as success by the prime minister so essentially what they've now been bought off with his that the vote the house of commons will have all any brexit deal later this year may or may not be amendable and the reason this matters because mp's want to have the ability to direct the government if there isn't a brigadier to say extend article fifty which have been talking about this we go back to the negotiating table and very cleverly the government put this in the hands of speaker john berko hampshire is delighted to have to make the decision whether this amendment would be at what his vote would be amendable that's right well my colleague james who you'll be hearing from an a second speaking to a parliamentary expert this week who was basically saying that the speakers room for maneuver on this is very limited in fact we very hard for him to allow it to be amendable and so in the purest interpretation of what's happened is that the government in the event of not all scenario playing out in two thousand nine hundred a minister will come to the house of commons will make statements and then the house commons will vote to take notes on the statements and this position was lampooned by hilary benn the shallow brexit sexual saying what liz children say know in years to come what did you dad when the country was faced with this cliff edge oh we had a vote in the house of commons to take note now i think in the end this is all slightly economic because in the end the house of commons can find ways of asserting its will and having it say i'm basically if theresa may nord votes in the house of commons on whatever motion it was on she would be pc walk into a next into an early election yes that's broadly right i think it has been a roller academic debate in a way having ridden rims on it like usually seems unfortunately thing to say but the truth is this if mrs may comes back from brussels she puts her deal to the commons and it is voted down we will have a full scale government crisis and in.

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