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Fun. Yeah. There's like legal issues with when airspace. And I'm back. Oh deliver and stuff. Yeah. So there have been a few food delivery via a drone stunts, but. Yeah. We're, we're, we're a few years out, I think, in terms of legal definitions of, of flight. Well. If they can get into arguments around taco, Tuesday, we can make thereto slow coast, taco than I believe we can get their day. I don't know if it'll be a good or bad thing. People have insatiable love for taco. Yeah. And, and human, ingenuity when it comes to getting tacos. It's endless. Indeed, indeed. The humble taco. Soaring. Great new height as business base. Well, I guess. Yeah. Yes. Space is higher than a drone. Go. What? I whole concept about a world. Works shifted. Yeah. This ode is just about brings us to the end of our taco episode. Yes. But it brings us to this. Hey. Taco copter taken off. Oh, hook. Rush me wrote. My family is Indian specifically south Indian in origin. And although I was raised in freezing cold, Massachusetts, where the Jack tree couldn't survive a day. If I tried I spent many summers visiting grandparents, and extended family in south India, my maternal grandfather's way of saying, I love you isn't verbal instead to express his affection for me, my brother, and my cousins, he'd bring home and painstakingly cut and clean pounds and pounds and pounds of fruit. Oh, man goes guavas, an entire massive Jack fruit. I'll never forget the first time I saw one my grandfather had put it in the backyard area of his house, and we'll playing indoor tag side note kids, this is why you shouldn't play Jag in the house. I ran into the backyard and hold their your sleep tripped over and landed on it, causing me to have many scratches that looked like I'd been poked by porcupine with very dull. Quilt. I then proceeded to lie down next to it and discover to my amazement that it was the same height as I was that. If I tried I could fully hide, I seek became a theme in my family with Jack foods, one summer when we went on a family reunion of sorts in Kerala, a southern Indian state where you're Jack fruit grows like reads we stayed at a resort with several Jack fruit trees on the property. I was flabbergasted. I'd never seen. A Jack fruit tree in my life. The fruit goes right off the trunk all up and down the tree and looks like bulbous projections instead of a growing off higher branches like the fruit were used to here in America. My cousins ni- played hide and seek on that trip hiding behind an under Jackson until hotel management, notice and freaked out. So heavy that if one of them had broken off the tree and fallen on one of us children, we would have been killed the flavor of ripe Jack fruit is definitely polarizing. It's never reminded me of mango, or pineapple is a lot of people say, but of really, really strong floral smelling. Honey? It has an overpowering, sweet smell almost sickly sweet. But the taste is much more understated. It almost has a generic fruit taste that's sweet and heady with just a touch of tartness at the back end. I love it so much. So that my cousin my brother and I once polish off a twenty kilogram Jack food over the course of a day, but have developed a contact dermatitis to their off. Real meaning that the inside of my mouth and my throat gets highs when eating now. Oh, I still have it cooked candor and ship form though. If you'd like to get your hands on, right. Check fruit. It's definitely possible. My local whole foods store in the Washington, DC area, sells whole fruit and cut pieces of the ripe fruit as well. However, you want to make it easier on yourself. I'd recommend checking out your local Asian markets, especially those that cater to the Indian Vietnamese communities. I've seen the clean defeated right? Pods available for sale at lots of plaza South Korean superstore with locations in the US located in an area with a high Indian population. I've also seen them available as dessert option. My favorite local bond me joint. So I'm gonna keep my eye out. Yeah. I do still have at during ice cream that we really go. We do. We do. Okay. Yes. But a lot of people have written in about the Jack fruit, and I've, I've very much enjoyed it because. Yeah. Like we said, for us, it's kind of been. The radar. Yeah. Yeah. There's, there's at least one Vietnamese grocer I know that we could go check. Ooh. Yeah. Erin wrote when I saw the title for this week's podcast Schwab and euros I excitedly realized I finally had something who value about which to write you. But then you surprised me by already knowing quite a bit about the Halifax don't air, but your lack of reference for garlic. Fingers is a sad sad thing if I could package them up, and send them to you, I would in a minute, I live in New Brunswick, Canada, which is about four hours away from Halifax. So we share their love for donor sauce. And of course, use it in abundance on garlic fingers. But now to the more important question, what is a garlic finger garlic fingers begin as pizza dough usually round, but really any standard pizza shape. It's then coated with garlic butter or sometimes garlic early, and a hearty sprinkling of pizza mozzarella cheese for an additional fee. Many restaurants will add bacon bits. Oh, yeah. They will they are almost universally served as a sort of pizza app. Guitar most all Atlantic Canadian pizza places include garlic fingers in all their combos, garlic fingers are a wonderfully greasy at savory temptation, that I would love to share with the whole world. I did not realize they were regionalism until I was in university, and my out of town, friends were surprised and delighted and quickly obsessed with our favorite pre pizza snack. Sounds amazing. Oh, that does sound amazing. Yeah. Very similar to garlic bread here in the United States or like a like a pizza places garlic bread because it's just pizza dough. But then, like slathered in garlic butter and maybe some geez. It kind of cracks me up. I considered it until reading this. But it's funny how we have like a pre pizza pizza right, right? In addition to this giant flat of dough that I'm about to shovel my face. I'm gonna need some more dough with cheese on. Your pizza sauce. What are we doing? What are we doing like pizza? No argument. Now argument there. That is a topic longtime cutting oh it is. It is. Oh, so many cravings happening right now. All right. Well, thanks to both of them for writing in, if you would like to write to, as you can or Email, is Hello at saver, pod dot com where also in social media, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at safer pod. We do hope to hear from, you savor is a production of I heart radio and stuff media. For more podcasts from iheartradio, you can. Visit the iheartradio app, apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Thank you, as always to our super producers, Andrew Howard and Dylan bacon. Thank you to you for listening. And we hope that lots of good things are coming your way. Today's

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