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Hey guys it's in an editorial director for robbins research international welcome back to the tony robbins podcast we're continuing our inside business mastery series with an exclusive interview between tony and john similar co founder and president of the massively popular ridesharing service lift 2017 was a banner year for left the san franciscobased company expanded its coverage tim 95 percent of america the number of rides per year reached a staggering three hundred seventy five million which is really impressive when you consider that the number was dishonor in sixty two million in two thousand fifteen just two years ago part of that explosive growth can be credited toward gaining more market share from its biggest competitor because when customer saw that lift had of values first passion over profit motive many opted out of the dominant ridesharing platform to start supporting the company with social purpose but for zimmer it's not about unseating the competition it's about becoming a viable alternative to your own car and ultimately reinventing the entire transportation landscape so in this episode tony talks john about how they're making all of that happen and john opens up about his roots in the hospitality industry the big problem with the existing transportation infrastructure and how he's on a mission to create a better service for everyone oh it's a pleasure to how do you think's or make at the time announce crazy busy you are and what you're building we had a chance to me just briefly at the warriors game today was really nice tell us you know when people think of ridesharing they think of two companies obviously you in a group called hooper you actually started this before over under a different name didn't you tobin about your journey how did this begin were you first yes sir ten years ago my cofounder nice started a company called zimrights and my cofounder logan grew up in la hating traffic and he took a trip to zimbabwe we didn't know each other at the time he took a trip to zimbabwe and he saw people sharing rides out of necessity not inspired him to start building web say he called zimraya again not knowing me even though my last name is emmer killing her.

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