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No it wasn't about the national security of the country was it uh and it is i felt as though bombs placed last year so i've been shocked but my naivety about this about the the griff to factor uh with with this crowd and the attempt of trying to profit in real time from the the presidency a lot of us are accustomed to seeing and perhaps questioning sometimes how former presidents make money and build their their postpresidential lives we've just cut out the middleman here and this is example seven thousand of how the trump circle has basically attempted to line their own pockets ed at a time when they are supposed to be uh managing in marshalling power on behalf of all of us again that routes and a couple of days ago donald trump didn't expect to win basically told it's as much he wine and with they were looking at it was all about money they were making money building the trump brand making a huge they're gonna may be started tv network it was we are what was going to happen after us vin they won and remarkable thing is it's still about making money again i think we're all a little naive about how far they'll pushed the envelope ah and that is used again two days after who say that and some people were critical two days after we say that you have michael flynn eleven minutes in talking about doing deals done trump's going to tear up russian sanctions and a lot of people are gonna make a lot of money but the point mission made is also worth underscoring which is is sitting there eleven minutes in their all these problems in the world here about to go you're going to go from there to the west wing and take your new offices national security adviser and start fixing these problems and set of thinking about all our problems moore going to do about him he's thinking about how to make money for himself president trump has officially announced that the united states recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel while also for the time being signed a congressionally mandated sixmonth waiver keeping the embassy in tel aviv i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel.

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