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To two women who claim to have had affairs with trump the president's attorney say the record should not be released until president trump leaves office. tonight it will be mostly clear will have a low around sixty degrees tomorrow sunshine again with highs in the mid seventies currently seventy seven degrees and mostly cloudy at four thirty five. support for NPR comes from member stations and from MD Anderson cancer center where physicians treat all types of cancer with a team of nearly twenty one thousand all devoted to ending cancer and providing hope to patients more at making cancer history dot com and staples with printed marketing solutions for business including manuals signage and banners more at staples stores for staples dot com staples. it's All Things Considered from NPR news I'm Audie Cornish and I'm ari Shapiro two years after hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico we only have a rough idea of how many people died in and after the storm that's partly why people protesters earlier this year and forced the governor of Puerto Rico to resign NPR's Adrian Florido reports on the pain that lingers long after Maria. hurricane Maria not to put the because power out there they'll be as is oxygen machine stopped working his daughter Maddy ideas drove him from one overwhelmed hospital to another she said none could provide him the proper medical treatment is at the level in local more moral for the galaxy and assume his skin started turning purple because he wasn't getting enough oxygen six weeks after the storm he died but his family's pain kept growing four thirty because government down played the hurricane death count the SS it felt like her dad's death didn't matter then this summer the worst of it in leaked group text messages between the governor and his inner circle one of his advisers cracked a joke about the hurricane debt named Morley they won't chase the monthly K.. so but I mean some Daniel emotion and coming. and when I say I was so upset he said the mock my pain.

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