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Big topic on our morning show this week was the transition. No, not that one. This one. The last night on the marquee sports network, Theo Epstein joined Len KASPER and Bruce Levine and Cole, Right, And there was an extended interview and a special edition of Cubs live and we have a little bit of that to share with you here. This morning. What think about Theo? He He's such a smart guy. You didn't hear a lot of the normal cliches that, you know, do all the time from guys like that, right? In the end, he answered questions directly. He we've we've had sports executives in this town have been Very good and very upfront, very candid, and we've had some who would dance around questions and not answer them. And I think that Theo Epstein in his time and this goes back. Bob to the time when we were carrying the Cubs here on W GM when Theo first came in, and, you know, I think he always had an answer for the question. I mean, I e. Don't think Was necessarily. I mean, there were some tough things he had deal with early on. Yeah, and when you know when he said when he came to town here that the road to sustain success wouldn't be easy. There would be tough moments on it's gonna be. I mean, it's so smart to do that. To to sort of under, uh, understate everything that's gonna happen. You know, we'll be transparent about it, too. Yeah, Alright, Here's here's feel from last night. I think the best way to describe is that you know, the lines are blurred between fans, players. Front office. Everyone associated with the team in ways that just don't happen elsewhere. It's a collective journey. It's a huge part of what it means to live in Chicago is part of the The rhythm of the springtime summer time. The fall it connects families that connects groups of friends, eyes just so intertwined in the fabric of Chicago. Um, that it's it's truly special. There's an intimacy involved in the relationship between the fans and the team and the players. That is just priceless and makes it so unique. Theo Epstein on the marquee sports network last.

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