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We can talk about the are piled pardoning with mark tate political commentator legal analyst at the bottom of the hour we are taking your calls as well as eight hundred two two two five two two two but we're going to update on the caspian huston right now with alan sky away allen your down there corpus christi correct that's right he on the i mean houston right now and you know as we speak no the governor is having a press conference right now he's increase in attacked with national guard presence year by three thousand to twelve thousand just to be able to cover all the i want a wreck either happened to me so national guard is is is the they are to help with the rescues not to protect property or anything of that sort now there hasn't been a whole lot of looting i think you know they we we heard this morning uh you leave that they have arrested four people four appropriate looting what hasn't been a widespread problem they have had a uk government but the issue rarely that you just can't get around no you can look you can build a house and you can get it out back door and that's about it you're gonna get you know one of the dramatic pictures we saw this morning was an older woman being carried across a flooded street or something in a wheelchair do as a i guess there was a nursing home the got stuck all of a sudden called love vita bella in dickinson's dickinson texas do anything about that yeah there was a nursing home these picture it actually caught the attention of first responders from inside the nursing home uh there were a picture that showed up uh i've i think did in you know some in wheelchairs with water up to their chest and some people sitting on countered that the water had come up and that yeah first responders all those pictures and they went in and they cleared the place out the owner of the nursing home it singing that you know that that that is in you know what you would expect you know what you're saying that it is and how we lived it this wasn't us i did the water came up to quit and and everyone's find from that yes yeah everybody from the nursing almeida gatherer and you're you're there in houston and trying to get about.

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