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Of the national institutes of health says vaccine development is moving quickly in fact with no delays he projects that we would be in a human trial I would say within a month and a half health officials still say they believe spread of corona virus in the U. S. is low Lisa worldwide going all over eighty thousand cases now Italy's jumping quickly to more than three hundred the Dow and the S. and P. actually down more than three percent in Mississippi a man's just been convicted of killing eight people including some of his own relatives and a deputy sheriff who responded to a domestic disturbance call in twenty seventeen prosecutors say the shootings began after thirty seven year old really garbled argued with his estranged wife about their children America is listening to fox news sponsored by publishers clearing house continues with one oh six one FM talk big news from Duke energy Richard selling has that story for us Duke energy is unveiling its plans for a move eighty million tons of coal ash in North Carolina the department of environmental quality held a public hearing last night at north Rowan high school to address questions related to plans for the bucs team station another hearing will be held for the Marshall steam station and Rogers energy complex at chase high school in forest city tonight Duke we moving the call asked to lined landfills which is expected to cost billions of dollars I'm Richard styling comes in during or searching for a suspect to ambush the customer and robbed him of cash in the parking lot of a BB anti bank near research triangle park on Monday investigators said the suspect was waiting in a stolen vehicle for the man to come out of the bank witnesses told police the robber dropped an undetermined amount of cash on the ground as he fled the scene on foot so far no arrests have been made Wegman's food market announced on Monday that it plans.

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