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Shanna plan. This is episode thirty one. i'm joined by rob aurora my new host rob. What's up man. how you doing. What's i appreciate. The pinch hitting at bat here for for a cost. Yeah you you are. We're we're pretty unit in the game. It is the eighth inning. And we need you to do is make contact so No pressure at all. So rob a forty niners. They did not sleep on wednesday night wednesday morning. Whatever you however you want to phrase it. So trump williams signed also alex mack signed for now. The athletics mabthera reported that the deal is not yet done. They are still working out some wrinkles but it appears that both sides will come to a deal. But we have to talk about trent williams because ho lee cow he got paid and naturally people are going to be upset with the amount of money that he received. True williams is averaging twenty three million and ten thousand dollars because that ten thousand dollars is very important because he wanted to be the highest paid offensive lineman all time to beat david backyard from the patriot earth from the patriots from the packers and he also did the deal in total six hundred. Thirty eight million fifty five of that guaranteed thirty million at the signing. Woo get paid. And i love. I am offer players getting paid the top dollar again. People will be upset because they paid a thirty three thirty two year. Old woman that much money but he's also one of the best players in the nfl. So i'm not sure what the whole the biz was your initial reaction when you saw the dollar amount. I wasn't surprised because it's trent always struck me as a guy that recognized how good he was and recognized. He's got leverage in this situation as a free agent and i think when you have those two things you get a guy that's going to sign a massive deal like that by the way you mentioned the the ten grand more than bahktiar remade. He actually noticed that and on twitter he sent out a tweet. At trent williams year petty as congrats on the deal and history silverback very deserving excited to see you continue to do great things so he noticed that he is deal is now the second highest. Thanks to that little ten thousand dollars you mentioned but good for trent. Like if you're not going to pay this guy who are you going to pay. He's the best his position in the league or one or two maybe like. Why wouldn't you pay him so we do. These preseason rankings where ranking players and based off. What i saw in training camp tre williams was the best player on the forty niners. That includes george kittle. That includes nick bosa so he was making nick. Bosa look like an average player last training camp. When bosa was a rookie he was making joe. Staley look like an average player just to go from staley to williams and somehow grade at the position is insane and when you also factor in troy aims did not play in two thousand nineteen and it wasn't because of just something random like it was because of cancer like he was fighting something so that was just amazing that trump williams played at the level that he did algebraic said that trump's deal is expected to average right around twenty million dollars over the first three years and right around twenty million over the first four years with bigger numbers on the back end. So it's it's probably like a three or four year deal. Once the contract will be will come out so just hats off to him congrats to the forty niners for letting him go especially to the chiefs because that would have been very tough to swallow we could have had some good content though forty niners lewis last minute chiefs but don't have to worry about that. Yeah man what do you. What do you think here. Here's what i say. If the forty niners did not retain trent williams rebuild part two. Would you agree with that man yet. Maybe because here's the thing. Now the trent williams is signed. You have options in the draft. You don't have to take a tackle at twelve this year. I feel like that opens the door for a lot of other things whether they want to go. If they wanna go quarterback they can go quarterback if they wanna use that in a trade. They could do that like they have flexibility now which i feel like especially going into a draft. That's what you want because you don't know who's gonna faulty. Maybe some crazy thing happens and you get to do that. You never expected. Well now you can take that person because you don't have to worry about your left tackle spot and don't worry that it's a six year deal like forget that every contract and the nfl is a four year contract pretty much like the way. The salary works out and all that stuff like. Don't worry about that and by the way it's not your money either. What are you so worried about their dad's money. Don't worry yeah. That's that'll never stop being hilarious because fans. Wh- cannot wait to talk about somebody else's pockets. We don't have to worry about that. Let's just talk about what happens on the field and be happy for guys when they get paid so speaking of trent williams and his contract combats in niners wire great follow hilarious dude said that this feels like based on trillium six year one hundred thirty eight million dollar. Do this feels like we're going to have a qb on a rookie contract soon. Do you feel like that. What trent williams deal does affects jimmy garoppolo in any sort because again. They don't have to restructure deal because all the other restructures move money that they've created. So what do you. What do you think about that. A kyle said. I hope he's right. I hope that that's a route. They go to be honest with you. It just seems weird to me. I don't know of how many chiefs have already restructured. Patrick mahomes deal mackay just signed it. And that's patrick mahomes. How many teams have quarterbacks whose deals that they don't actually have to restructure to work things out in the salary cap one way or another and usually it's not a big deal because you know you're keeping that guy around well we're forty nine hundred. They don't know it. And so they lose that sort of asset they lose the ability to restructure that and gain that extra cap room seems weird to me paying for the privilege of flexibility. And when you love your quarterback you don't do that. Yeah i mean. We saw tom brady. Do it every season just this past days. Jalen ramsey did it for the rams as darius smith just did it with the packers because those two teams know that those two players are going to be around for a long time in this situation. It wouldn't make sense for the forty niners to guarantee more money or guaranteed the future of a player who they don't know if he's going to be around and also the quarterback whirlwinds continue. Nobody knows what is going to happen. Speaking of nobody knows what's going to happen the houston chronicle's john mccain. Who is mclean sorry. Who has as tied in as anybody. Basically works for the texans. But he's not a team show which is nice. He said on wednesday morning. The texans haven't said they are not trading watson since january. i expect him to be traded. Mclean in january was telling people i would bet you. He he went on and said..

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