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Blanchard pursue that works on the works on forty four the Merrimack River to Jefferson still it delays the bridges downtown west founder still clear next update at seven forty from the steeple traffic center you might see some areas of fog where you are otherwise we could see some sunny breaks a little bit later this afternoon and a high of fifty three forty two overnight and warming up to fifty one tomorrow it's thirty seven out there right now it's seven thirty one CBS news update the federal reserve is just announced steps it says will help households small and large businesses survive the pandemic it comes after the Senate failed to move a two trillion dollar coronavirus relief package forward last night correspondent Nancy Cordes said publican leader Mitch McConnell is still eager to hold a final vote on all of this today all senators wanting to send that reassuring message to the markets to businesses and to work how do you measure progress in the fight Surgeon General Jerome Adams when you look at the China data they were able to hit their peak and come back down get about six to eight weeks when you look at the elite out of there still going up so we are somewhere between the two here shots a primary care doctor in Arizona he says he and his co workers need more protective gear people that literally are wearing bandannas because they have nothing better than that to protect themselves from the respiratory droplets of patients were infected with cold nineteen CBS news update I'm Peter king all right well stay at home orders taking effect on the Missouri side of the river today we've got Saint Louis county at a minute after midnight St Louis city at six P. M. tonight state of Illinois took effect on Saturday and joining us now is St Louis county executive Dr Sam page thank you for your time and how does this work if somebody is maybe in their car they're headed to the grocery store or they're headed to a shop like the novel neighbor to do a drive by pick up of something they've ordered a will they be stopped and asked you know are you out for an essential purpose or is this really on the trust of St Louis county residents to to limit their outside exposure to what they really need to be doing well good morning and thanks for the question certainly this is a new way of doing doing things in St Louis county but I think we have to understand that the state home order does not apply to essential business or sensual activity such as going to the grocery store the grocery stores will remain open in St Louis county restaurants will remain open for takeout first responders police and fire was selling to their calls and all of our healthcare facilities will be open essential government services are aren't going to be available as well so this is really about essential services otherwise we really need folks to stay home as we try to limit the spread of corona virus in our community what was the the factor that was the tipping point that led to this at this regional decision I think we're watching the number of cases climb in St Louis county we believe even a week ago that we had some early signs of community spread and then yesterday of course we had an uptick in the number of cases in St Louis county we now have fifty five cases that have been confirmed and how long does it stay in effect for because people may have heard the the national calls for the fifteen days to slow the spread about how long do these singles reach in order stay in effect for all this initially what will be in effect for thirty days we'll review it and hopefully we can begin to ease restrictions we'll see how things are going we believe that we've gotten to this early as compared to the rest of the country but we really need to see how the Tesco and our hospitals and healthcare systems respond to the expected influx of patients and what's your evaluation of the way that the health systems have ramped up their testing and and the amount of test kits that we've been able to get funneled into the Saint Louis area I certainly I I talked to doctors all over the country and they have the same concerns we don't have enough testing in our country we understand that and we're going to do the best we can with what we have I think that the hospital systems in the St Louis region have responded remarkably the working together cohesively they meet and talk every day about our systems our capacities their needs and how they gather supplies and they're preparing to respond as a community all right St Louis county executive Dr Sam page we know you're busy so we thank you so much for your time this morning thank you doctor page joining us on total information A. M. on the TDK technologies newsmaker line and here's what's on tap be careful where you click go to this website thinking that it the legitimate map when in reality it's being used to serve you our how hackers are taking advantage of the covert nineteen pandemic KMOX news time seven thirty five the jeep celebration event is here.

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