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But then they forget like in the human rights violations and the the savar being trade trained by the cia and we saw and the secret police coming in and arresting in students and then torturing them to death in prison. So i think there's always there's this nostalgia because i think there's just a the decades pass and the you only see the good things. Well let's leave along finally for our panel to an item which we will cheerfully admit is an idol office conversation from earlier today which we thought would be fun to put on the air. A lesser program would would've attempted to contrive some sort of actual news hook. The question at issue is this. Is there an argument for the dedicated. If artificial capital city your canberra the islamabad the washington. Dc the brasilia. astana the. Nep your door. The whatever indonesia is going to call its new one do they foster political concentration will do they instead foster popular alien nation. We were talking about this because we were talking about. Canberra john for some reason. I a city on you will. In fact where i spent part of my childhood and i can see. How camera appeals to the australian. Sarkin that we just built this remote kind of settlement for our politicians and park the all this so they'd leave the rest of us alone but does it however necesssarily then main that those politicians will be out of touch with the people. They're trying to represent should the capital bee's mac in the be in the middle of the biggest city like it is here for example. I think that i a politicians democratic politicians at least will go to great lengths to keep in contact with people who vote for them and from that point of view. It doesn't actually matter that much whether you're looking at what a half hour flight. For example from from cameron to into sydney or an hour train ride out of central london workers. We have our parliament to Most constituencies are around southeastern. You don't think there should be a new capital johnson. Villa referral shop built somewhere in the shi'as no no current arrangements. Thanks very much but in general. I think that these artificial muscles a bit of an undeserved bad name I mean cambra Years ago this reputation of being a really boring city not not under entirely unjustified not entirely unjustified things moved on since then and i have a broad thesis that if you want an interesting city what you do is to build somewhere that looks reasonably okay aesthetically and why people are safe where they feel able to come out at night to enjoy the celtics with people have a reasonable standard of living and just let people get on with creating life clubs. Cafes whatever an incumbent in brasilia these pass laws now they've done brantly and brasilia was designed entirely by accountants. Its quays lumpy. it has no architectural merit. Whatever and yet it is. Also now deeply human is been invaded by brazilians. Who johnson in the street in mice irrespective of the fact. That was more like a lego. Cuban house. I was looking at this list of artificial capitals. I obviously i can. I know quite well. Washington dc. I've been to great museums horrendous weather. Islamabad is very boring. And i think if i recall roughtly the hotel i stayed in. There is literally the only place that has ever tried to defraud my credit card. So i think. I feel a little bit. Ill towards islamabad for that reason. Holy do you have a favorite artificial capital at all. I mean i. I'm right now. I'm kind of like enjoying the whole. Dc thing. and i must say. I know based in london but are eventually we plan to move to washington and i talked to some people and they're like oh i hate washington dc. But i really think it's changed in the past ten or fifteen years and it's become a lot more vibrant an interesting and There's a lot more things to do. And i think that's what's really important having things to do. Not just museums but fun restaurants Cultural cultural and art things to do on the we can go to the theater. Farmers markets and whatnot. So it's definitely become a much more interesting place but yeah the weather sucks. I do want to ask you do want to ask you just finally leaving aside the the category of capitals if either of you would care to name the most actual boring city you've ever visited. I do want to shout at this point to my home country where they newspaper round of competition some years ago to find the most boring town in australia. I if memory serves it was a town in new south. Wales called duga And they won because somebody wrote in said saying that every hour. We like to walk across to the petrol pump to see if the numbers have changed. I i was going to nominate a town in denmark called linda's cove Where i was sent on assignment by multiple magazine for reasons. I no longer quite recall but I went to a bar in the evening to have a drink. And i asked the bartender what people do for fun. And he replied. And i don't think he was being funded. We have a pond so so that that's nomination john. What is actually the dullest city you've ever visited. You can deal with all your own. Hate mail here okay. southall in uruguay. Which is way up all along way even for montevideo is not a very big city it's adequate prosperous of full of mice people who never do anything evenings because they're all fall too busy watching videos on on on the television where i remember my last visit there the local paper card on its front page article saying the police were called out in las might because somebody lost a cat but the cat was found again it was all right and that was the event of the night outs i do. Also i very much love propaganda local newspaper story. All what's the actual must boring city visited. This probably nobody from listening. Probably that's a tough one probably. Oh god i. i'm not even gonna go that way. How about boring cities that i've lived in i'm gonna just a nominee jerusalem and dealing with And i am. But when i say boring i don't mean boring as in bad i i mean. I just think there's a lot to do. They're in but i have to give it some love. It's the most cosmopolitan city under a million and in that regard. I really Enjoy that there's Much culture there. And i actually appreciate chaba or The sabbath The twenty four hour. Shut down much of the city. Because there's a quietness. You really don't feel much of the world these days and you kind of appreciate that after a while well on contemplative not holly douglas and john everard thank you both for joining us and finally on today's show we show show show we pivot to interesting city and l. letter from new york city and this week henry reese sheridan lord. Help us has taken a driving listen..

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