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On W G. N And I am honored to have this guy on the telephone with us again. This guy Dr Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, co director of the Center for Vaccine Development at Texas Children's Hospital. Dr Hotez. Thank you. So much for joining us on W g. N Thanks so much for having me this afternoon. Well, it's my pleasure and 312981 72 100. You can call you can text your questions as well. I think this is what where I'm going to start with the questions that I'm getting from folks. The delta variant We've heard so much about. There have been reports in the news that the vaccines we currently have may do a good job, but not a great job. And we should be concerned about this variant, even if you are vaccinated. What's true, what's not true? Well, we'll know better as we see what happens, uh, as adults, A virus accelerates because now it's about 20% of the virus Ice list in the U. S. And in Missouri. It's around 29% almost 30%. So it's getting up there. It looks as though the two doses of Isis fighter buying tech back but there is a vaccine. Hold up quite well. Um so that even if you happen to get breakthrough, Covid, you're not getting sick, So I think people should feel pretty comfortable if you've been fully vaccinated with those two doses of the vaccine. If you've only gotten a single dose of the modern advisor vaccine, you're still somewhat more susceptible. So you need to get that second immunization. And if you run back, made it at this point, there's a good likelihood you may get covid from that delta vary. Um, What about the Johnson vaccine? Did you leave that out on purpose or Yeah. I was afraid you're going to ask me that. So, uh but the the answer is we don't have the data. Um And so we're we've been pushing on CBC and FDA to come up with guidance and what to do. If you've gotten a single dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine it's likely that there's some protection But it may be similar to the single disk Mrna vaccines and some and on that basis, some would say, get a booster shot with either a second dose of the J and J vaccine or one of the mRNA vaccines. The problem is, we just haven't received that guidance coming down from CDC and FDA yet hopefully it'll before coming, I believe what you just said, is somewhat newsworthy and somewhat worrisome. Uh, I'm sorry. What? Somewhat worrisome. What you just said. I think, because so many people have gotten, of course, the Janssen vaccine and you're saying Well, now they need something else. Maybe in addition to that I've not heard that before. Yeah, We just don't have the data one way or the other. And so I know the J and J with the FDA and CBC are working hard to come up with some definitive answers. And so a lot of the questions I'm getting now by email or calls is Hey, what should I do? Should I get the second dose and and you know, Unfortunately, we just don't have that that evidence yet, So hopefully this will be coming very soon. All right. What about the need for an update A booster? Even if you've had Either the Moderna vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine. Is it going to be? Do we know yet, like the flu shot that you get every year? Is this going to be every six months? Is it going to be every year? And are they going to be changing What's in the vaccine based on what variants are out there? Yeah, You're asking all the good questions. Here's what I think. I It's sort of an intermediate answer, and that is that. I think it's likely that later on the somewhere we may get some recommendations. If you've got the two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine together third immunization and what that will do is give you more resilience, more robust protection against any variants that come along. It looks as though right now the two doses are good for the delta variant. But I wouldn't be surprised if the recommendation of the third dose comes along later this summer. That's 0.1 point two then what's always followed the next question. Okay, Doctor? Who does that mean? We're going to need a vaccine booster every year Like flu like you just asked. And in that one. I think the scientific community is more divided. I personally don't think that's going to be necessary. I think with that third immunization will have pretty long lasting protection for quite a while, but we'll see what kind of guidance comes down. All right, so I'll be the fly in the arguments sort of speak here. Uh, two. Alright, let's say what you say. I mean, you can say that. I'm I'm not trying to be cute. I'm not trying to thread the needle here. What I'm trying to do is is, you know I have personal opinions on What I would recommend. But I'm also reluctant to get too far over my skis and see the fear in a in a bind that says something that, uh, that that that ultimately they won't agree with And so it gets to be a sort of a difficult position Well, and this is your expertise, So let's say country of choice. It doesn't matter. Has a lot of covid because they're not vaccinating their citizens yet, and there is a bigger change than what the Delta variant is that affects the spike protein. Is that not likely to happen? Am I being too cynical? Um, well, you know where we are seeing new variants of all the only interesting news is when you see the variance evolved. It's not like they're mutations, Will he? Millie? It looks as though we're seeing that convergence. Around the same four or five amino acids in in in the spike protein, so that potentially says to me that we won't necessarily need to make new vaccines in perpetuity that the existing vaccines that we have provided we get really high levels. Virus, neutralizing antibody to those vaccines. Will be give us broad enough protections that we may not need, Uh, different vaccines down the line again. New pathogen. We're always learning new things, but I think that's that's likely to shape up. I think the more common question I'm getting asked is, we have a lot of expats. Um, because they're working for global companies and working overseas. They don't have access to the Madonna or fighter vaccines. They're getting Chinese vaccines, the Russian vaccines Now they're in the U. S. What should they do? Should they now get the mrna vaccines? And that's that's now being looked at very carefully as well in order to give some some guidance, so there's going to be a lot, you know. What happened was we got so many vaccines out there including our vaccine. And you know that that now we're kind of playing catch up in terms of making recommendations about mixing and matching. Alright, I know folks want to talk to you 312981 72 103 12. 981 72 100. You can call you could text Dr Hotez and you will have an opportunity to talk with this great.

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