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You hear me soupy sam i do that just for tracy taylor stands another room across the glass was sean because she loves you fell in love it would love it traffic report tonight brought to you by great friends at wrench mobile mechanics trace go fifteen trained to southbound train a fifteen eleven is ten minutes late into a summer because of cement issues we've got one lane open for you on northbound i five at two seventy seconds so again just to recap what happened about ten minutes ago they had to shut down all lanes northbound i five out near to seventysecond for emergency join expansion repair work now they've opened up the right lane however we're going to see a quick backup right behind that so traffic is starting to slow at just after three twentieth towards that scene this continues we're going to see some pretty long backup so maybe pack highway south to get around that it's definitely a distraction for southbound five drivers because it's busy getting out of the duwamish river curves and kinda working its way into parts of midway buddy those bridge commute's have really stacked in westbound five twenty off the water now all the way up to the i five merge and five rather i ninety slow off the lead eastbound also has some slowing coming off of mercer island because southbound four zero five is still jammed out of bellevue and now northbound four zero five is pretty jammed from leaving five twenty most of the way in towards totem lake traffic brought to you by wrench mobile mechanics seventies a week at work at home wrench comes to us seven days a week they backup all services with a twelve month twelve thousand mile warranty now offering professional detailing get wrench dot com kiro radio realtime traffic i'm tracy taylor or tracy.

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