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2 $14 an hour for companies with more than 25 workers just ahead on KCBS. I'm Jeffrey Shop in San Anselmo. Ah High school sign is defaced because the school is named after a slave trader. Off to the East Shore Freeway. We go via your local Honda dealers Traffic center. We checked back with Kim. And it is one of the slowest rides right now. Eastbound Interstate eighties, a commute between the MacArthur, Mays and Richmond caused by an earlier accident that happened just before Richmond Park Way took forever to clear but is now gone, and that should help traffic pick up But you're definitely on and off the brakes until you get through and beyond. Richmond Park Way By the time you get through panel, you're sailing right along. No delays. On the car, Keenest bridge and traffic move well in both directions through Valeo, Oakland. I do see some brake lights for your commute, leaving Oakland. The eastbound 24 starting to slow down as you approach to call Tokat tunnel once you get through, though, no delays it all through Orinda and Lafayette for the trip to Walnut Creek. And the Altamont Pass. He's found 5 80 still creeping along an earlier big rig that broke down at the stone cut rich. There's out of the way, but it's below the limit eastbound 5 80 between First Street and the 205 split in the South Bay. Also really calming down on the freeways. Would you have one fender Bender in South San Jose south bound 85 at Blossom Hill Road on the right hand shoulder, so not a big deal. Next update at 6 18 on the traffic leader KCBS Fox going to spread pretty far inland tonight like it did last night. We'll see lows in the fifties tomorrow. Actually, coastal neighborhoods should see the sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. With highs in the low sixties, mid sixties low seventies.

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