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It's rahman. Big talker. It's elena. Davies high probably don't know me know ever. Are you kidding? You're part of the off the vine Facebook Greece, but grew I'm such a part of it. You are it. I'm a big big off the vine, Facebook group guy. Yeah you are. But isn't there like, what are the what are the people called that run the page a moderator? Are you a moderator? No. Okay. But I think they like me. Yeah. No, they really like you. And we just did it land podcast. And we're on miscellaneous podcast, miscellany where can people? Download it just on the internet. I, I dunno Google it. I'm not sure click the Lincoln my bio. Okay. I'm not I'm not as successful as an entrepreneur businesswoman as you. I'm just barely making it. But at least making it you went on the wrong reality show. Even on the just kidding killing both did, I think it was a really fun podcast. We did though it was it was loaded. We would stop. It was loaded. It went from everything from, like, questionable hygiene to like, really deep relationship shit too, like independence and chasing your goals authenticity, and being Daniel, and then peeing yoursel right and the thing we did all of it. Yeah, it was really good and happy about it. I'm saying, especially because it's mine, and the continental I'm kind of jealous. It wasn't on mine. You know you can have it all on. It gets a mash up. Yeah. Same. We make. On yesterday. I did a mash up with two people from glee. It was amazing. Wow glee. Yeah. Yeah, it was really fun. You're the biggest guests, I've had, by the way, what's for sure. Yeah, there's no doubt. Most of my guests are my friends. Is that going off Instagram following? Isn't that what everything? Let's just books breakdown imperial, the whatever they break it down for you now. So we've had a couple of cocktails and drinks since we were podcast before that. So this is classic drunk del Ray here and we thought because we got so into Elena podcast and everything else, we kind of forgot to do rapid fire and some questions. So we are going to because he went into my off the vine Facebook group and ask the questions. This makes really a lot of sense for us to just do a quick. This almost is a mash up because this is my podcast content that we didn't get to because we were covering so many other things, right. But I did go into your off the vine group and be like, hey guys, what do you want to know? And I went into knowing full well, that I wasn't going to get any questions because every time you and I sit down and fire buffer, the it's nice to have in case like conversation isn't flowing, but I'm like, I've never been short of conversation with, you know, we're good on that from and RAV he's like same. I have a lot to say, but I also love doing rapid fire like this, or that question. On my podcast just for fun. Because they start cool conversations. Okay. So do you want to do some of the questions from the group and then some rapid fire? Okay, if you were on a deserted island, and you could only choose one of your wind speed and spare to bring, which one would you choose?.

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