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To fame and so on one hand. Paris's the og that kim respect so much and will always look up to her not only from a fame level but also in terms of a business woman and then at the same time. Kim is almost like the parent. Yes and that's such an interesting point that it was exactly like nails it because there's this interesting dynamic there were. I think when. Kim got really famous especially after they reconciled like of course they had their issues in and they became friends again. Which i think is incredible. Etiquette is incredible for the culture that paralyzing him our friends again. I would just like to echo that yes but is also so fascinating is there. Is this assumption. That when they became friends again with the position that can was inverted. The position harris was in that there was this dynamic switch. Where like kim then became the one that was on top in paris was looking for when i watched their dynamic and them talking about the past. That's not really what it is like him. Always thinks of paris as the og. But you can kind of see that. When kim was paris assistant she always had that role of keeping everything together for paris like she was the personnel organized. Everything and i think. Tim said this episode where she was like paris was always the one that had these outlandish ideas and i always had to real her back in. So what's interesting is. I think you always thought the dynamic switch for like the power switch. But it's not that kim is always had this role of just keeping paris and chat and keeping paris not down to earth like almost like a babysitter. Like you're saying and you see that come through so much in the way they act now. Yes it's it's overwhelmingly. So actually i think because obviously we know kim got her start as a closet organizer which clearly was a job that she did and that was her source of income. But not everybody. Has that skill set. You have to have that skill set. So now is of course. Kim has her own assistance. In her own organizers however she still has that within her where's that is not where you know. Paris has strengths. Lie at all so that fundamental difference in what they're good at is is just so they're so glaring and i'm sure that there are aspects of paris. Kim wishes to mirror have a little bit more of. I think that there are certain aspects of paris's personality that may breed so much spontaneity. And maybe a little bit more. Wild and kim likes that wild side to be brought out by her but the combination of the two of them is pretty addicting to watch. I would say. I could not agree more. I've really want them to do a coal ritchie episode. I'm shocked that they didn't accept. I'm hopeful for a season. Two and what a better. I guess i season to it. That would be absolutely incredible. If you're only going to watch a few i would say the episode. The sweetie episode of than the one with kathy nicky hilton. Because if you're a bravo watcher you have been experiencing the magic of kathy hilton for the entire season via office beverly hills and you almost can't get enough. And then to see her in the setting into see she is so the exact same one was really fun and really kind of validating but then talk about an interesting dynamic because nikki and paris are so different and even though paris's tactically older sister..

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