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Are just getting some last minute things done, being very cautious at the moment. That's a good thing, but rolling slowly at times around the capitol beltway right now. Heaviest stretches through Montgomery county are on the outer loop from the two 70 spurs at the cabin John Parkway, then the pace gets a little better toward the legion bridge, antelope slows from route three 55 to Connecticut avenue, and the outer loop through Silver Spring slows, and with some slowdowns on both loops, off and on through press George's county, landover, the heaviest stretch there, is between two O two and two 14. Heavy stretch on the Virginia side is still the in loop heavy and steady at times through Tyson's toward maclean and the legion bridge, and that's what's causing the slowdowns northbound on the GW Parkway from turkey run to the beltway. And the outer loop is slow through Alexandria, below speed toward the Wilson bridge. I two 70 look for some slowdowns headed north between routes to one 21 and one O 9. I 95 north slows with slowdowns in stretches north from the ICC toward route 32 we had one broken down that could be on the right shoulder by now. So on the southbound side from route 100 toward route 32, BW Parkway, we had a crash last hour in four ten that was moved to the right side, laser still heavy into Riverdale and still very slow on the southbound side of the BW Parkway through fort me. Route 50 still very quiet at the moment. Good both ways across the bay bridge three lanes west two lengths east across the bay. Over to Virginia 66 most of your volume is headed west through Citadel after route 28, three 95 just volume along the southbound side between The Pentagon and king street, I 95 just following south through lordon, woodbridge through garrisonville, and not that bad on the northbound side with volume through spotsylvania and Fredericksburg. Celebrate your Thanksgiving blessings with the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Washington, find a church at a DW dot org. Traffic. And here's storm team fours Amelia Draper. Wyatt autumn weather continues tonight tomorrow and four are Thanksgiving by Friday. Some scattered showers are possible. Now tonight we'll have clear skies

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