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With the Phillies becoming the highest paid player in baseball this week in one thousand nine hundred seven flyers Ron Hextall becomes the first goalie to actually score goal and a game in this week in two thousand seven the seventy third Heisman Trophy goes to Florida quarterback. Tim tebow Tim is currently a football analysts on ESPN and plays. Minor league baseball. That's your iheartradio weekend sports time capsule. Now, it's the weekend box office review. You know post. Thanks giving all at the box office over the weekend. Ralph breaks the internet held onto the top spot with twenty five million down. Nearly fifty five percent from the previous weekend that gives it a total of one hundred nineteen million to date. Hendrick does look likely to reach the two hundred million dollar Mark by the end of its run the Grinch snuck back in the second place, adding seventeen million to its hall. It's total now stands in two hundred three million making it the number ten domestic grosser twenty eighteen with a strong chance of jumping up to number six by the end of its run green to is right behind number three with sixteen point eight million over the weekend. It's twelve day. Total stands at just over eighty million. And looks to have a good chance of surpassing its twenty-fifth predecessor within the next few weeks. Fantastic beasts crimes of Grindelwald held on at number four, adding eleven million to give it a total of one hundred thirty four million today and bohemian rhapsody repeated in fifth place with eight million over the weekend added total of one hundred. Sixty four million so far more than triple its estimated fifty two million dollar budget and at your weekend box office review on iheartradio gated at nine nine nine bet. The red. Saga continue. A man a legend in a way of life. Great to have you here with us. My friends. Grab audio semi twenty six twenty seven Mark.

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