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But at times they have had success doing that especially on those opening drives in the third quarter you were talking about and I think a fair critique is I'm a little surprised they haven't used his legs more but now the battle in his hip injury I don't know if the second out of ten years the snap handled Montgomery running straight ahead grabbed around the waist he drives is late for for a couple leads out to the twenty seven yard like Gerry Davis the middle linebacker better data to an elderly a third down a couple of four Chicago Bears this year have really struggled on third down twenty ninth in the league they've converted thirty point one percent other third downs and its third mall mall because it's Gerry Davis they ran a power speed toward the left guard James Daniels and David knew what the angels played very hard to do the president former first rounder when the bears twenty seven trips like single man left on here today the back of the shot go to he had to put his chest he takes the snap respected role gets the poor man well if you look to grow shorter little it's not the numbers across the thirty yard line to drag out of the thirty one Davis again with the tackle nice job by him getting to recall to the ground in space and that'll bring out the punk scene for the bears so the lines played as Joan coverage there in the second level defenders the linebackers zero one six right the wind the game they pretty much select Colin cats that a yarder to pass the line of scrimmage in a row to the football one Matt o'donnell long to put away Danny and the goal weeks inside the twenty yard line as a means now comes the kick hi spiraling kick in until the backing up now is not the twenty yard line your side numbers he rolled to the right and out dies alone has works out to about the twenty three that's a fifty yard kick and return to the couple will step aside.

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