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You know these are troubling times for most Americans it's very hard to be a white male in this country today especially a young drug free hard working hard studying white boy I ran into a man in the supermarket this morning was for children I think for and we started to chat he listens to the show he said to me his son is a four point one average wants to go to the US Naval Academy bodies the press that he won't get in because of affirmative action he said I know you faced that with your PhD after you got your PhD from cal with almost a four point no I said that's part of the reason the country is collapsing is because they're putting on qualified and competent people into positions across the nation whether it be in academia the military you name it everybody knows this you can't sweep it under the rug but you know what a devastating effect it is having upon white boys you have any idea what you think I'm not going to say it because our fate of offending someone you must be joking that is a form of abuse to do this to white males you understand that that's what that's abuse it's abuse the put down their race it's abuse to make them to try to make them feel ashamed for their race you understand that but that's what's going on in our schools today there's another story it you must hear about related to all of this owner of a chance as the manifesto was not uploaded by the el Paso Walmart shooter this is so critical to you're putting together the pieces first of all I want to go back to my initial tweet because some of you got it when I put it up right after the shooting in el Paso some we didn't quite get it and I I I want to read what I wrote here we go this was on August fourth I don't know the time I said mass shootings with assault rifles why two in a row right after them debate shoot down chances of winning and then I said on my show yesterday my radio show that I read his manifesto and it was super literate there was not a grammatical error and it's almost impossible to believe that anyone is stupid as him could have written something as literate well the you'll want to accept it or not I'm not saying the words are acceptable I didn't say that I'm saying from the point of view of a piece of writing.

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