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And who is concerned did next year disney tom brady was right there you know i ended up swipe or dan i didn't know what happened but i know that falls on the ground dares barnett picks up can we now on espn radio and he has pnc wolf can you would filled with his pelvis he call on westwood one about the michigan man on michigan man dry early annual the deal at random graham former wolverine stripped sack of tom brady obviously a former wolverine and barnett the rookie from tennessee the only days angry though gained sack of the game we spent all we talking about that area pressuring get tom off his mark they couldn't do it again donte stronach year you can't say enough about the offensive line coach for the new england patriots and the the way he's revamp that offense of line since he came back because they they did a great job but it but if it perfect four we want to set up this poll questionnaire in a second but from the all lined standpoint and from my as a former de lima to mike you and all lyman set up perfectly and how from a de lime and you wanna do with brandon brandon graham a guy who can rush on the outside as you saw on the hail mary play almost get home on brady but then on that sacchi's on the inside and you mentioned it early kinda of like that nascar thing the giants who do according the ends down at the tackle position and you have fletcher cox as the right defensive tackle the line slides the him so he gets double team and with that too we talked about the he's gonna get double they're going to try and take him out if your one on one and this is this is forever known on the line is five guys on five alignment on four d lyman someone's going to be free you get that one i'm wrong one one on one rush you have to make account and graham made it count against mason the right guard the situation to get the only sack turned out to be a fumble on the game but tough on on the old white could.

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