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To you get all you've been a good kid you've been wanting new drapes for the living room and this reward will come in how you darling how much is it ten bowls good night doc negative i this is nbc the national broadcasting company and that's faber mcgee and molly from may thirteenth nineteen forty seven starring jim and marian jordan and also in the cast arthur q bryan bill thompson and gale gordon sponsored by johnson's wax as heard on nbc it's really amazing how many radio shows gale gordon did he pops up on so many radio shows and i mean he even was the whistler for a time he was the whistler the voice of the whistler and then of course he was mayor la trivia and fibber mcgee and molly and he was rumson bullard next door neighbor to gildersleeve on the great gildersleeve he was principal osgood conkland on our miss brooks here was a guy that was just going from studio to studio to studio making a living out of performing on the radio he was one of the best i mean kjell gordon one of the best never got to meet him i wish i would have but he was one guy that the eluded me probably said i'm not gonna talk to that person all right let's take a break when we come back it's lights out stick around more hollywood three sixty after these important messages my number two does not look like a number two i don't know what to call it is there a number three table for four please anything close to the restroom middle seat with these stomach problems that's my fear of flying.

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