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Monday on the tom leykis show i'm here as long as you're calling in with your money questions at nine zero one three thousand tom that's our number nine zero one three thousand tom dial me right now nine one three thousand eight six six you're listening to monday monday three thousand this is the tom tom leykis show support the town like show by using our amazon dot com links to do your everyday shopping you know you'll be shopping amazon anyway for the low prices whether you're at home or at work why not pay the same low amazon prices and support your favorite show at the same time you know amazon offers super low prices on books clothing appliances music just about anything you can imagine and we get credit every time you click on our amazon links look for the amazon banner at our website blow me up tom dot com or click on the shopping cart icon to shop amazon on our brand new tom leykis show app this is the new normal this is the tom leykis show up with divorce from the new normal studios thank you for tuning into the tom leykis show this is where you live weekdays six pm eastern time twenty four seven tom dot show you can hear us on our free app get it at the app store get it at google play forget it tom everywhere dot com that's tom everywhere dot com thank.

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