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Rocky as a performer, are you still happy with with the so-called music business. You know, it has its ups and downs changes. You know for me man, I have a co following. I don't really have to contribute to like, you know, do things to stay relevant. Hot man. I'm I'm fortunate enough to be one of those individuals like I said earlier, probably like Andrei somebody Frank ocean, a creative to whiz you just do what you do. When when I'm I'm compassionate about it. And I think that kind of like really relate, my fans and my coat. Why why you don't tell us that two thousand nineteen is yours you you would have in eighteen you're the hottest in R&_B in fashion in Susie. Chefs in you know, what I'm saying. Why are you in jail like that? I don't know. Because I think I'd rather just let my work speak for so writing accomplishments was I was in. I'm very humble at this moment, just chilling obscene. It no people come and go, and it's just like I'm just happy to be here. This this is though you say you recently watched our interview with with big now. Drako? He he created, you know, he he actually he gave you a good skin and everything. It wasn't for soldier boy at right? He probably wouldn't be around me why because the same formula, you know, it's almost, you know, just as far as not too far fishes me saying if it wasn't for real I wouldn't be able to do what I do in fashion and navigate from they mistakes. And would not know what I'm saying. Like, I feel like we're soldier, man. He kind made a formula. He's the first to do it and it worked for him. And since then, I think that kind of became the basis of weight or standard way to make it in music hip. Hop industry also through YouTube and with night and just kind of like do it yourself kind of promoting yourself nowadays. That's what everybody's about on your album testing. I feel that you showed very much like you cannot be boxed in when it comes to your style. Where do you see yourself right now? Your place in hip hop. I think what I love about me is is that like even like my Allan prior to that, you know, songs like LSD Lord, pretty flagged with Jodie canal street, excuse me, people didn't give me credit for like two years leaving stuff like that. No trying. Stroke, my ego again, but I think I'm ahead of mine sometimes conflict, you know, what I'm saying when they say don't get ahead of yourself right.

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