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Mondays homerun derby in washington dc you won't see john lester pitching the all star game next tuesday because he'll pitch for the cubs on sunday first place milwaukee is in action tonight at pittsburgh so the difference in the division could be two or one by the end of the night stirling castro a winning single for miami to beat the brewers five four and twelve innings yesterday onto the white sox and into an off day themselves with the royals coming in town tomorrow carlos showdown and ten anderson team up to help beat the cardinals four nothing and end the sox six game slide down pitch seven and a third innings anderson drove in two runs vegas summer league action picks up against saturday for the bulls in vegas they've got win over dallas to brag about ninety five eighty three with twenty eight points from antonio blakeney and former stevenson high star jalen brunson hoping to make an impact with the mavericks had points seven assists serena williams reaches her tenth wimbledon final going for an eighth championship on the on the grass she'll take on angelique kerber in the final on saturday each one in straight sets in the women's semis today williams over julia georgia's extending a streak and make it at least one grand slam final in each of the last eleven years and kerber eliminated twelve seed elena ostapenko the football hall of fame executive director says terrel owens name won't be mentioned at all during hall of fame weekend next month owens had already announced plans to skip the ceremony in canton ohio for his own party in tennessee the halls joe horrigan says the focus is on the guys who are here owens made the hall ranking second all time in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns time golf underway throughout the state highland park bart bryant up by shot six hundred thousand fourteen at the senior players championship the first ever us senior women's open chicago golf club in wheaton the high profile threesome of julie inkster laura davies and lisa let norman around the course and steve wheat kroft pretty anonymous american golfer seven hundred through sixteen holes tearing it up at the john deere classic we've got sports fifteen forty five here on the home of the bears i'm john ashley newsradio seventy five point nine fm phosphide what are you doing here a little guy i wanna hear about the remarkable new night point seven inch apple i it's so great the new ipad is like a computer but.

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