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In Esperanza hills is a controversial three hundred forty home neighborhood to be built on chaparral covered hills just be on the north edge of your Belinda construction of the million dollar homes could begin in twenty twenty one pending the outcome of a long running legal challenge from nearby residents Orange County fire authority fire marshal Laurie Smith says she understands the concern. back in H. were on it's pretty scary you know did not experience anything like that prior and they just felt like it was extremely challenging and that this would present additional traffic Smith does point out however the new homes will have modern fireproofing standards Chris Seton's can extend seventy newsradio never good time to have your fire insurance canceled if you live in a wildfire prone area more so now with the dangerous fire season coming in that's been happening to a lot of Californians the state wants you to know it's where of the problem Joe launchers as senior adviser to the California insurance commissioner he tells can extend out the commissioners meeting with people in affected areas we've already had town hall events and of that account the plaster county Wollemi county and still this month we have ahead of us Calaveras Butte and send them San Bernadino county says if your fire insurance been canceled call your insurer find out why sometimes it's a matter of making small changes to your property like clearing brush sometimes it's possible to salvage that renewal just by taking some critical steps to reduce the fire risk as a last resort take advantage of the state's fair plan it's more expensive but will get you bare bones coverage so valley city college students we talked about their personal struggle to stay in school despite not always having enough to eat twice weekly LA city college offers its students a food pantry packaged foods along with fresh fruits and vegetables it is free to the students in need so long as they ask for it and present a student ID you can't really focus on learning when your stomach is growling a small group of students opened up about having used to the food pantry I was I was I see the hungry I thought the line this is.

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