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It's time for after balls. I was curious about the asteroid. That struck the chesapeake bay. That sam anderson talked to kevin durant about that. A little googling the us geological survey says that The event was called. The chesapeake bay. Belied impact is comet or asteroid. This one was three to five kilometers in diameter. it's swooped through the earth's atmosphere very exciting and blasted an enormous crater into the continental shelf. The crater was discovered or identified by c. wile e pogue of the us geological survey but neither the crater nor the asteroid have names. I say let's name the crater for c. Wiley pogue and named the asteroid for kevin durant awesome. Kevin durant asteroid josh. What's your chesapeake bay. Bow lied impact. My peak bay impact crater is about our man. Mike chefs gay. Don't want to let that drop. I did a bunch of reading as prep to rate the piece that i did last week. Joe alluded to earlier. But there was one thing i missed that. A guy named michael right flagged on twitter and that thing is both nuts on its own but also in my view extremely telling and it begins in june two thousand and three that is when a baylor basketball player named patrick denny. He went missing. A lot of folks are probably familiar with us. This is the reason that when people say well look at what the baylor basketball program came back from. This is what it came back from So in june. Two thousand and three patrick and he goes missing in july. His body was found in a gravel pit near waco texas an autopsy determined. The dentist had been shot and killed in the man who did it. It turned out was one of his teammates. Carlton dotson two years later in two thousand and five dotson pleaded guilty to the murder and he's been in prison in texas ever since but let's rewind to two thousand and three so unrelated to the murder. Then baylor coach. Dave bliss had been paying denki under the table. This was a major violation in bliss. Did not want dicky's killing to expose it and so as dana wrote in a piece on. Espn dot com. Bliss told his assistant coaches. He wanted to float the story that he was a drug dealer thereby explaining away. The money bliss had given him one of those assistant coaches that bliss was talking to was a man named abar rouse resident hired at baylor just weeks before he went missing. When rows told bless he wasn't comfortable with the plan to smear dennehy as a drug dealer as ross's a normal human being with some form of a moral compass. Bliss reportedly put a copy of rouse's contract highlighting the portion that showed he could hire and fire assistant. Coach is in front of rows. And so the implication is very clear right like do this or else in so baruch's did something that in my view quite sensible. He recorded dave less and on that recording. Bliss says reasonable doubt is. There's nobody right. Now that can say we paid pat dennehy because he's dead so what we need to do is create reasonable. Doubt rouse gave that tape to the ncaa resigned and that tape-recording ended up killing ibar roses career. Roses story is told that length in the two thousand seventeen documentary disgraced at aired on showtime the short version is the rouse. Never got a d. one coaching job again. As of two thousand seventeen he had found work consistent work teaching and he was teaching in a prison in fort worth texas. So why did they borrow skip blacklisted. Because in the world of college basketball rouse was not a hero for exposing dave bliss rather he was considered a villain for tape-recording coach in two thousand and three episode of espn's outside the lines. Three of the most famous and influential coaches in the game. All said that what a don was absolutely wrong does three jim boeheim kelvin sampson and the man of the hour. Mike shefty and here is the clip of what coach k. Said on outside the lines in two thousand three. How could you ever build a team of coaches. Forget about justice situation but if one of my sisters with tape every one of our conversations with me not knowing it. There's no way he would be on my staff even as a theoretical exercise. It's hard to think of something. That's so clearly illustrates the skewed priorities and moral bankruptcy of big time college. Coaching a normal person. I think would consider a hero or at the very minimum. What understand why he did what he did and realized that he was in the right. Then i guess the next category over it would be someone who believes that rouse had broken some kind of moral coaching code. But maybe what understand that. It's probably not wise or good to say that publicly. Like maybe keep that to yourself if you feel that way. And then there's the category that these coaches and make among them fall into which has publicly as leading figures in the sport coming out and saying that roused had broken code and essentially issuing a warning to others in the profession that they should look at what happened to us. I imagined this study isn't taught at duke. University's fuqua coach k. Center on leadership ethics. Nor do i think that there is an abar rouse center on leadership and ethics but perhaps in both cases we should address that yeah gives us some insight into how these institutions routinely cover up abuses and other terrible practices like joe. Paterno penn state michigan state. You know every other kind of disgusting scandal. We see that sort of attitude prevails within these institutions in these big programs that it's much more important to them to preserve themselves than to like. We might consider to be moral. So yeah. I took. As i think you will note and listeners. Were note like pretty great pains to try to be fair and our segment and give praise him when it's warranted and give credit where do but like this is just so unbelievable to me that it does. I think legitimately raise questions about what kind of person would would do this. And i'm not trying to say he's the coach k.'s. Evil or anything like this. But by my god stephan yeah. It seems like that was a pretty clear cut case where you had an opportunity to just say what happened was despicable in horrible and and as a coach. It saddens me. Instead of having to weigh in on the the ethics of taping. Goodbye coach k. That is our show for today..

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