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So are you on like dating apps now no and i'm not going to be that that's i'm old fashioned i like to meet people the old fashioned way either by referral for you meet if it's like someone's like oh my god you have to meet my friend then it's like okay like if you like them then i might like them or i'm just you know i ended up at like one of those shows in vegas and then we ended up hanging out after and then we end up clicking into mike hey is this kind of help scoop we talked about somebody because i think on the new season lovie get if you were dating that's good storyline but the thing is i've always dated i've always been in a relationship on the show and here's the thing we have eleven primaries currently inventor pump roles i am right mary's eleven we started with six we have eleven zero eleven people's stories we're following but i am the only person who single is a season seven that's what i'm singers crossed is way i am the only one who doesn't have a relationship yeah that's curry i know because what jackson brittany katie and tom tom monari ona's hominoid von herman james i'm raquel we're long on james of a real thing or was that just a one it was a fling not a thing it was a fling okay is tom and tom gonna actually like yeah they're hoping like june so that's a new bar that leases opening with tom and tom harris stars of andor pat in like five or six more episodes are finale you'll see kind of where tom tom was like standing.

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