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And these other alternative care sites, which we've talked about over the course last week. Many months that we have procured and identified all up and down the state Seton Hospital in Daly City as one example, Uh, the Arco Arena Sleep Train Arena appear in Sacramento. All these are examples of those alternative care sites that have now capacity on we could turn them on. In pretty short order. I seeyou missions again. We focused on positivity, right? We focus on hospitalizations. We also focus on ice you admissions you can see not surprising the hospitalizations. One of 43%. I see youse, tracking about 37% increase over the course of the last few weeks, you'll see on this slide that represents about 13%. Of the entire icy you capacity in the state of California. The currently a lot of ice you beds are being utilized for non Co 19 patients. If you just look at the total number of beds available today as a snapshot, we're utilizing about 39% of that capacity of available beds are represented rather in the total number of of Copan, 19 patient cohort. I confused. You let me step back and say that again. Total number of icy you positive patients. Versus the total number of ice you beds in the state is 13% are now Cove it positive of our capacities but of the available I see.

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