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Wieners out. Now, that's not a command. That's a statement wieners out. Disgraced former congressman. Convicted sexual offender, Anthony Weiner. Is out. How much time should you spend in prison for sexting a fourteen year old? I mean, that's certainly not more than what fifteen months, teen months late max, that's too much. They only went against him because this country is against high power politicians, and particularly Democrats. Well, he's also asked to pay a ten thousand dollar fine. Which shouldn't be hard for him seeing that he had a lot of money in the first place, but he also has to register as a sex offender, and he does have three years probation where he is closely monitored when they say probation how much sexting with fourteen year olds does that allow for. I don't think any well, he's a democrat. So maybe you should at least give him a couple of week routing. Perhaps when you really think about it. He can do as much as he wants. He just kick it caught again exactly that'd be a little bit like crime was. I mean who you to judge love is love, and who are you to judge right away. If a man named Carlos danger wants to interact with a fan of Justin Bieber. Actually too old reference. Probably all over fourteen whoever is popular enough cars voicing ice. Cardi B would Cardi B. No. Oh, no. How can you stop a man from doing such a thing, by the way? There's somebody else that is in prison for similar things. It's Bill Cosby and Bill Cosby is quote, having an amazing experience for him, right? In an interview. His press spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt said he's he used the term amazing experience. Now, he was sentenced to three to ten years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting women. He is he's living off by himself. For a while. He's just been. Just been put into general population. His wife still has not come to meet him in prison. No, no, he talks two or three times a day for three minutes on the phone. He says he doesn't want her to come see him in prison. But he's having an amazing experience. He said, it's it's not what he expected. That's great news. Oh, things changed things change quickly. You know, there's the time. We're Bill Cosby was so beloved in our society. Can I give you a little flashback here for a moment? This is I think an interesting study in how the media operates. So the governor of Virginia he he wore black face in the early nineteen hundred as you know, I know. And remember my first of all let's remember where this started started with her incomplete racist Megan Kelly who just asked a question. I don't understand if you're wearing it. If you're wearing black face, you know, but you want to glorify that person. She was terminated immediately for asking the question can you wear black face if you're doing it tribute? And you're trying to look like this individual. She was terminated immediately. That's amazing. I had totally forgotten. That was. Yeah. One hundred million or twenty million dollars a year. Whatever she got a full sixty seven million dollar payout. Sixty seven. That's how much they wanted to get rid of her. And they did it with the excuse that she was a racist. Because she asked that question, but tell me about the governor who still still in office in office and also the third third guy in line for bring governor also had worn black face the second guy in line. He was only a sexually assaulting people. Well, yeah. Allegedly the black faces not alleged. Yes. Because that would actually so remember this is the one thousand nine early nineteen eighties. He admits to having Michael Jackson and black face on and the reporting on it from the New York Times was I think the headline was the governor parties like it's eighteen eighty four that was their headlining. I thought to myself like here's a yes, obviously, we all know that is a really bad idea, and you should not you should not wear it. However, there has been a time in the past where that was not the way people thought about it. I mean, certainly some did right. Like, we know that there have been really bad examples of of this over the past. But I thought myself soul man was a movie released by a major studio which the plot of the movie is a white guy goes into black face to get into Harvard. And it's a whole Larry is comedy about a white guy who puts on black face to go into harbour. Now, we would all say now that would not be something that would be released and no one would would act in it. If offered however in this period was it that crazy again, it was before soul man came out like what six years previous to this. He supposedly wore black face. Okay. And in one thousand nine hundred eighty six the movie soul man came out, and I thought to myself self. What was the New York Times saying about soul man in nineteen Eighty-six? Because were they out there saying like this is a relic from eighteen eighty four? They said the now they're saying it's party like in one thousand eight hundred eighty four here's their review of soul man in the New York Times from nineteen Eighty-six. I'd love to. There's nothing I want you to understand this Glenn. There's nothing automatically funny about the story of a rich white college. Boy who masquerades as a black. There's nothing it's not automatically not automatically. You gotta work into that. We're gonna make you work for that laugh. Than just putting the black face on, which of course, funny, but automatically automatically. You guys got good. Nothing automatically funny about the story of a rich white college boy who masquerades is black in order to collect a scholarship to Harvard Law School. That's putting it mildly. But man, which opens today at Lowe's, state and other theaters has a breezy unapologetic manner. And it also happens to be funny, which goes a long way towards making up for any of the underlying obtuseness or insensitivity. Director has arrived at this. Cheerful frat house version of Tootsie. Frat house version of Tutsi. Yeah. Hang on. Just a second. Could see even be made today. I don't think probably not probably not. Because wouldn't that be a? Because it was a it was cross stress cross dresser. And he was pretending to be a woman to be near his children. I know that you're confusing that with MRs Doubtfire. Oh, okay. Another one you can make that one. So wait, what's Tutsi about see is the actor that couldn't get a job? He was a great couldn't get a job. He needed to be a strong woman is what they were looking for. So and everybody's saying he was a bad actor, and he's like, okay. I'll show you. It's a brilliant funny. Funny movie funny movie. I mean, probably not automatically funny. Sure. But funding. Fight is not automatically know is important to point. I'm just a guy in address isn't automatically funny. Now, I will say I will ask this question is it as the New York Times called Solman in nineteen Eighty-six Blythe silly good natured movie and of its kind quite an enjoyable one. Now, hang on just the governor of Virginia is in trouble. Now, if he was the one, well if he's either one in the picture with the clan. Okay. He's in trouble. But he denies that. That's him either the clan or the black face guy. Right. And again, this is this is not something you want to push back on. But I mean, if the what's the point of the clan black guy photo, like the only thing I can think of why this photo would exist is the odd pairing, right? Like, an odd. Couple of two people going to a party wants a clan member and one's not wanna black guy. Right. That's probably the quote unquote joke. Right. Not that. I'm defending it. Right. But I don't know is that any more or less offensive than being Michael Jackson in black face previously. I don't know. Yeah. I think it actually it may be kind of like, you know, a Jew in prison garb going with. Not a good look funny. However, Michael Jackson. I bet that was a breezy performance. It goes back to what Megan Kelly was saying. Yeah. Is this so bad? Yeah. I think you know, I'm not going to shun anybody, you know, from business thirty years after their life because they did that. However when you are. When you are doing a tribute to someone like he was doing with Michael Jackson. Is that so bad in the theory being that if you're trying to compliment someone has dressing up like it's the same controversy. You see every Halloween now where if you dress up as a native American, right, you're taking their culture, and it's offensive. But if the person is saying, well, I'm not doing it to be offensive. I'm doing it. Because I like that culture is that a problem and today. Absolutely. It is a nineteen eighty was it. I don't know in nineteen Eighty-six. The New York Times was praising a major studio release about black face. You had for the first time in American history. You had a bunch of white kids wanting to be black like Michael Jackson and your star who was black changing his face to try to be white or a woman or had a very rare disease. Now, I'm sure what that was. The New York Times goes on to talk about his phony looking afro in the movie, and this is what actually reminded me of this. When you said Cosby, this is one of the quotes from the movie, the this is from the white guy in black facing these these are the eighties. This is the Cosby decade America loves black people. This is a hilarious joke. They quote in the movie, they're praising marksman or remains unchanged after his physical transformation his attitudes could not help but be affected in the end. A Tutsi like learning experiences emerges from this adventure. He finds for example that he can no longer. Stand listening to the beach, boys. That's your learning experience. If this seems speedy and superficial course in conscious raising and it comes at relatively late in the film. It's better than nothing, and the pretty actress named Milota harden does what little she can with the role of a white girl who wants to sleep with Mark simply because he's black. Something about four hundred years of oppression and anger as she explains. It. This is it a positive review. So is that still available? But.

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