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In neuro anthropology. What the heck is that means. It brings the culture biology and psychology into a single field. Jamie is a co founder of the international flow genome project at which i was the first investor and they work on training people for the ultimate human performance looks at the nitty gritty between science and human potential with a lot of precision. And that's why our interview about hypnotic engineering ended up being a multi episode miniseries for you because it was more than would fit in one episode or fit in your head all at one time we pull part is book recaptured. The rapture rethinking god's sex and death in a world that's lost its mind. Jimmy goes to a lot of places you probably wouldn't think about all in search of the flow state things like the fascinating sex survey he conducted with couples or his views on sexy biohacking and nerdy kink. We've got some deep survival circuits and powerful evolutionary drivers when it comes to sex and death and everything in between so if you care about neuroscience and psychology listen to these episodes. You're going to like what you hear proved high performance. You're listening to radio with dave asprey day's gonna be a lot of fun because well we have our live audience from the upgrade collective. Who are here answers to ask some questions for you fultz. We're gonna be talking about a book called recapture the rapture by my friend. Jamie wheel rethinking. God sex and death in a world. That's lost its mind. This is perhaps the hardest title you could ever put on a book that you want people to read as an author who's got only four times bestsellers. I'm like okay rapture. You just triggered half the religious people and do let's put death on a cover like that is the hardest thing so it's harder southern fasting. What were you thinking jamie naming your book recapture the rapture when you balance your blood sugar. Your overall health improves on just about every metric. You can.

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