EPA, Iraq, Barack Obama discussed on Red Eye Radio


Welcome to the show hi all all over to you listeners so when you allow epa in your it banks and all i talk about ball while iggy language law will yes orange already to go yes well i i i do not understand eat people i wasn't avenue registered democrat almalak i'm quick keep old mao i voted goal in february one member and you hold a news out oh boy and sorry to out to obama what ever died may come late iraq are you a crime they have meant obama oh well you're not jimmy trucco and when you say you want another forty eight years of obama you meant hillary clinton yet right whereas what i thought jim it's i've thought relating to own it right right that's okay well it's in and that was the that was the concern it often is when you have a two term president and you know someone from their party is running the that's what they'll do that's exactly what they did with a john mccain we don't want to know eight more years of the bush administration or whatever it might be on but for for this was going to be i suspect in thank you down we appreciate the call i suspect it was actually going to be ramped up even more i think i think hillary would have gone a lot further than obama on many issues and so um that was you know i don't know where to put most of the weight whether it was that the fear of what she was going to do in the future i think that was certainly a big part of it but also the person what she had demonstrated in her past what was being clearly demonstrated in proven to the american people about her past him who she was i think that was also just as big of a concern please welcome jimmy it was the guy accepted guide now michaels our special access to the grid for one of the bushfire hazardous you do is linked to joint chiefs of staff with small stanley of jesse a vault you're were it a country where people.

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