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What would happen? Yeah, I'd been dead. Yeah, really? Yeah, they they told me that if I would have stayed two or three more days in Bellingham, I would have been dead. This is the real food real people podcast off what happens on a family farm when the farmer is deathly ill off incredibly dramatic story this week with an organic Dairy Farmer who was in the hospital earlier this year for more than 2 months with a very rare life-threatening condition the opens up explains how this all happens and then he goes on to explain how the farm kept going how the community came together and we talked about what his his farm is all about Corby Gruene is his name he grew up in the same town as me. I actually didn't really know him at all until this conversation other than just, you know at a distance like wage. No other people in a small town, so it was a lot of fun to get to hear what really makes him tick and why he does what he does why he went organic why that's so important to him his vision of sustainability and and what he's in for wildlife we talked about a lot of stuff but most importantly that dramatic story about the bizarre illness that almost took his life. This is the real food real people podcast sharing stories like these the real stories of the people who grow and produce our food here in Washington state. I'm Dylan honcoop the host. I grew up on a small family farm down here in Washington. And now it's my mission to share the stories of people all over the state who grow the food that we put on our plates. Hearing the farm shop. Yep, the real deal the real deal. I swept the floor but not much else..

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