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Discover Milan Italy with WSJ magazine and into Garay. Join WSJ magazine editors for behind the scenes access in Milan. As you meet the city's most influential taste makers dine at top restaurants. Visit the private villas of lake coamo and much more book. This once in a lifetime trip at integrate dot com slash WSJ magazine or call six four six seven eight zero eight three eight three. I'm Jensen shero author of the U R bad ass book series. You got to wear your acts by doing what you're doing? It's very familiar, and if you want to change your life, you'd better be doing something, that's very unfamiliar. And the unfamiliar tends to scare the crap out of us. So that's a very good sign that you're on the right track. If you're feeling nervous and scared and excited. This is secrets of wealthy women from the Wall Street Journal helping women in power themselves financially now Veronica dagger bestselling author. Jensen shero is a motivational speaker and success coach who wants to help people transform their lives her. You are a bad ass book series helps women take control of their lives money and careers. Johnny said you had money problems until you're in your forties. What do you tell us? How your life was back? Then. Well, my life was pretty rickety and pretty looking for the freebie, and I was living in a converted garage. I was making like fifteen hundred bucks a month driving a car with no grills. There was lots of duct tape involved in my life things like that. You were having financial problems because I refuse to focus on making money. I thought that meant you were a dirty moral free person. And I was also very attached to the idea that I sucked at making money. And so I had to prove that every day, you know, subconsciously wanna look into those a little bit more down the road, but how did your childhood shape your view of money? I, you know, once I started doing all of this work on myself, one of the biggest discoveries. I made that was one of the most just elaborating things was I realized that my dad he one of the ways he showed love and attention to me was to hand me a twenty or helped me financially, and when I started digging deep into the reasons that I was blocking my own financial success. I realized that I felt deep down that. If I got wealthy. I'd be basically stabbing. My dad in the heart. You know, by stopping his, you know by not needing him anymore, but you know, not needing his twenty bucks anymore. You went to India, and that started to change your life. Tell us about that. India was my first really big solo trip. And I don't even know why why I really didn't know that much about accepting that was on the other side of the planet. And and I was Sarah fide to go. I was determined to go, but I was terrified. I just had this image of myself as little dot they could just puff, you know, disappear in a puff of smoke. Nobody I loved have any idea where I was. And I woke up every night a couple of weeks before going freaking out. But for some reason, I was at the international terminal of the airport, and I ended up going, and I just remember stepping into the airport all my fears slipped away, and I was so excited and it felt one hundred percent, right. And I ended up having this incredibly just wild wild adventure. And when I got back I thought that you know after seeing. What I saw over there. You know, how some people live and the poverty that I would be so grateful for my little crappy garage that I was living in but what happened? Instead was I had faced this huge fear of mine and had this incredibly enjoyable experience and expanded my belief in what I could do and I moved out of the garage. Very shortly thereafter. I didn't you. I didn't get the confidence from going being part of a band and working the music industry to becoming a self help. Guru. First of all, I don't think I'm a girl. But thank you. I because I was such a train wreck. I mean, we all get interested in things that have to do with ourselves, basically. And I became obsessed with what the hell my problem was especially around money. You know, why was it that no matter what I did. I just could not get over this money stuff. And I was always broke and always whining about money and never having any. So the transformation is self help for me happen because I just dove into

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