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I Heart Boston business. Dot com for full entry details. We can't wait to hear you on the air on and updating a story We've been reporting on all this afternoon and this morning as well. We have just learned that the ocean state Rhode Island will begin Phase three of reopening tomorrow. Governor there. Gina Raimondo holding a news conference announcing just moments ago. Phase three of reopening in Rhode Island begins tomorrow, Of course, Rhode Island, one of the toughest states in the United States, when it came to Cove in 19 coming under fire at one point in time for allegedly using their state troopers to stop people with out of state license plates from coming in. When they didn't quarantine they had to quarantine for two weeks will have paid off those strict measures again. Their head of the co vered curve, and Phase three begins tomorrow in Rhode Island. We'll have more on that throughout the day, right now 1 23 the super rude retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three Kevin Brennan. What do you have for Lori? Lets take it tear into downtown over a soldier's field Road East bound. You got a U haul truck hit that north Harvard Street overpass right Lane is blocked their state of the left. To get by. And then the right lane is blocked again here by the BU Bridge from an earlier bridge strike of this also has that ramp to university road still shut down sake! Umbridge North bound. Watch out for right lane Breakdown just after the old Neal Tunnel Expressway South bound. Slow going. Columbia Road down through Savin Hill down on Route three. North bound you seeing brake lights quite heavily coming up past 2 28 that Rockland stretch. And over on for 95 South bound here in Mansfield, You gotta crash after Route 95 has traffic slow in both directions with heavy police activity involved in that as well. Now up to the north. Still lots of rains. In fact, widespread rain just about wherever you go for 95 south bound up in behavioral, you're tied up from Route 97 getting down to the left lane bridge work.

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