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Thompson providing high quality plumbing heating, air conditioning and mechanical contractor versus not only Bismarck. But all across the region in North Dakota South Dakota Minnesota Montana. Remember when we started an effort to improve the veterans museum and man, Dan, we did a little fundraiser Todd night dead. And we were serving Cloverdale brought out front, and we had, you know, Senator Heitkamp there and Senator. Well, then congressman Kramer, I guess a lot lots of folks, and our biggest, our biggest donation, that they came from the folks at Thompson insides, really committed to veterans really really re Mark Thompson himself in our force veterans. It's really incredible story. And we certainly appreciate all that they've done for the communities that they serve, but also for the great service, you get. I mean that's really what it's all about HA Thompson sons, more online AT and sons dot com. Call seven one two to three thirty three ninety three Dan in South Dakota wanted to tell me a little bit about what the indeed is all. About. So, Dan, you go ahead and tell me. Well. I don't know what the D means. What? I guess I don't even feel guilty of ask if you veterans, and that they're not telling me, what's the word that DC and for must be. Well, I don't know either. I know it only as this d day. Right. We always say, okay. What does that mean? I mean, if, if we're going to if we're going to start a new business. What's d- day when when, when do we start? Right. But obviously mean something. I'm looking at up here. What is the official definition d day the day in World War, Two allied forces invaded northern France by means of beach landings in Normandy? Well, we know that the day on which an important operation is to begin or a change to take affect. It's a D day at the Webster's Sally gives Kevin and ultimately, but what does it mean? What is it? What is the DND stand for right? That's we wanna know. So I guess it's day I guess it's days the day, the designation. D day as in. Deism day in day. So does that make any sense? I should've known that. I don't know. I didn't either so we're together on that one. Okay. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for the call. You have questions we have answers. That's what we're here to do. Ladies and gentlemen, John Bismarck. What's on your mind? John, John with Bismarck. Yes. Good afternoon morning. How you doing? How are you? Through are you? I, I'd like to say late to fake my grandfather, who served under George Patton in World War Two and since passed away. He's Donald oaks. And like to heal thing grandfather for serene time tell me is name. Clifford C day, Clifford seed day. Great of fluid with a veterans club there, after we go back to the states and, and help many veterans. Get to the hospitals and such forth when when you when he was back here. I'm a big fan of your every minute. The angry beaver. Yes, I grew up in. So. I got stories stories that I could not all. Well, I just liked the name, so I can't say it enough. But anyway, yeah, so I gotta get back to get my angry beaver fix and see the good folks down there, a lot of lot of great folks, love the visiting there. So what else did you have on your mind? Well, I'm I moved to Bismarck about three years ago, and I am a little fed up with the corruption of the, the police and the courthouse here. I, I got arrested for drug paraphernalia and drugs vehicle that we're not mine, and you're guilty until proven innocent. Unfortunately, in this country, we know it's stated otherwise there is just no way to fight it. And so I the plead guilty to three charges and now here I am faced with trying to get a drug and alcohol evaluation. And so I'm down to west central. Whatever it's called over there in west Bismarck. And as soon as they find out that I really wasn't a drug user, and I really didn't have a problem. I didn't have to go through the treatment program. Then they stopped the deal all know you, you don't qualify for doing a drug valuation. Sounds like an ordeal. John. Here's what I'm going to ask you to do if you would Daniel pick up the phone and a second, same person to answer the call. He'll get your number. I'm happy to to you know dig into this a little bit. And maybe on a day where we have a little more time. Have you back and try and find out on me? I'll go to the Bismarck place. We can we can check with the with the courts. And if there's some issue there that could be addressed. Obviously the legislature would be the appropriate place. There's a law. That's not quite right. Or whatever what I'm saying is, I'm going to be here, you out, and try and see if we can help. But today's not today John, if you just hang on Daniel, get your information, and we'll, we'll give you a call. Okay. Appreciate that very much. Let's see here Mark in North Dakota last one here before we go to our guest. What's on your mind, Mark somewhere? Where are you at North Dakota? Yeah. The comet cafe were Amy klobuchar will be a period. D they did those deployment do. They mean deployment. The point. Oh, you're saying, Amy's deployment. Okay. Yep. Well, the Webster, we found says it needs day, but that does make sense. Deployment day. Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. Health, Amy with her get together, the atomic coffee. Well, we I wouldn't say help with the gathering but I'd say covering the event and be there. Absolutely. So, yeah. Support second. We got a Trump. I'm gonna let you go. I'm gonna let you go there. But I appreciate you calling, we will be at atomic coffee downtown Fargo Senator club, char. Minnesota Senator running for president. They come to town. We wanna go. No matter the the affiliation. We'll have that on Facebook live, so you can watch that let me introduce our next guest, who is a busy lady. That's why we're pleased with us at the Fargo air museum on this day. It is Michelle Comber the Commissioner of the department of commerce in North Dakota. Hello, Michelle very nice to be here. Thanks for being here on a on a busy day on a fun day. And, you know, I am passionate about this great state. We have such a wonderful state. We have such wonderful people. We have so many cool things to do. And we have a challenge on her hands and the challenges, certainly meeting, workforce needs of the great companies that are here, and that, that want to locate here. How are we doing on this effort? Well, Scott, we have a lot of work to do. And we've done a lot of great work, and as you talk in just a few moments ago, there are a lot of people that care about this, and there are a lot of ways to plug into this. It's a city it's a regional at the state level issue. And I think that, you know, it's been said that a crisis is a good motivator. It's a good reason to get connected, and we do have a workforce crisis, and national work for crisis, the proper term here I think it is. I think it is for the first time in our nation's history of recordkeeping last summer, our nation had more jobs open than people available to do those jobs, and that's true North Dakota's. Well, and it's true in our neighboring states and it's true just about everywhere, unlike twenty fourteen twenty fifteen when North Dakota with seeing a tremendous amount of economic opportunity, and growth and other states were experiencing nine ten eleven twelve percent unemployment, and we were able to recruit people to come to North Dakota for great job opportunities. We're seeing in a very positive way prosperity in other places in the nation. But it does cause squeeze apente and we have a great opportunity in North Dakota. I believe, to, to get ahead. And one of the things that I. It really excited about, you know, just on the cusp of thing we have a crisis. One of the things that's very exciting for us here in North Dakota. I believe is that we have a culture in a habit of being able to work together when we need to, and I think we can, and I think we are. So it's a crisis here, obviously, in North Dakota. Sometimes when you have a crisis, your neighbors come in and say, hey, let's help. Right. We're going to, you know, if there's a, you know, a neighbor on the farm that has some health issues. Everybody comes in farm rescue comes in, in this case. They're fighting the same crisis. Right. Our neighbor. I mean, everybody is this is so that makes it that much more difficult to fix isn't it because everybody's in this place. Absolutely. Right. It's very true. You know, we have today, the second lowest unemployment rate in the nation. And nationally. We have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the history of our company, but look to the left look to the right, look immediately south of us in, in the states that, that neighbor, and they have their right neck and neck with us with those same statistics. And, you know, we see competition enough form of our neighboring states offering programs and incentives and opportunities specifically to target our citizens are students, the wealth of our state is what I what I call that our human capital to come and work in their state. And, and it's you know the time is really right and important and necessary for us to be not only playing defense but preferably switching that up and determine how we're in play offense there, so often, I think people think, well, you know, just got to go find that person you find that person then you put him with the jobs because plenty of jobs. But again, when it's a crisis everywhere and everybody's fighting this people can be choosy that the labor force can say twenty dollars an. Our twenty five an hour. I'll take twenty but guess what? I've got lots of hunting opportunities right now. I'll go twenty five and do more the city life or whatever. How much does the quality of our communities livelihood, the quality of life in our communities factor into attracting that talent for it's absolutely essential? And that's one of the things that we're focusing on, you know, you might not immediately connect community vibrancy and health, and, you know, to the workforce issue, but it's absolutely essential. In fact, studies show that today in particularly workforce's that are entering or excuse me, generations that are entering the workforce look for place first, and then they go on to look at the employment opportunity, and they look at culture, and they look at growth opportunities. And so there isn't any one thing that's going to solve this, and I think that can be both simultaneously frustrating. But it is another opportunity if we can get ahead in our willingness to collaborate and work together and understand what the drivers are. How can the department of commerce, help solve this crisis? Well, absolutely great question. You know, I came from the private sector, I have been working on team North Dakota for two and a half years. It's been a tremendous privilege and an honor and I've had to learn a lot. You know, I say that I, I said, yes to this upper -tunities because I love the state, and this opportunity has made me love it even more. But to that I also learned that you don't want to say, I'm, I'm, I'm from the government, and I'm here to help and also don't believe that the government is going to solve all of our problems. I think the role of the department of commerce through our workforce vision is to be a convener to be a connector to be responsive to listen to engage.

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