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I mean, we talked earlier. We talked with Jordan and she talked about the declining in in inventories. Are they get to a critical point here? 500.0.1 and point to you said that note around of the team this morning that I found Jaw dropping, which was the average transaction price for Cadillac for $63,000 Plus and even they $41,000 for Children. Yeah, I mean, Well, it's just, you know the supplies really tight and then demands really high And with that, you know, it's just prices are really high right now. So dealers and we talk to them. They're you know, they may be making money right now, but I think that I can sense frustration. From them and concerned about how were they going to be able to go into some of their best selling months? And not have Money or very, very few new vehicles on the lost yourselves, So I think it sounds like a story, guys. E mean. Yeah. Talked to a Ford dealer who said that I talked to you, Jim Steve. It's a village forge in Dearborn, and he said that he has 120 vehicles on his lot who typically have 500. So, um, and then going into June. He doesn't know what to expect, Amaze one of his best known months so he could go into June with less than 100. He doesn't know so Definitely, um You know, While while there's money to be made right now, it's also, uh, I think dealers it's scary situation. Don't have something to sell, that's for sure. Listen Kaylie Hall, Briana. Normal from the Detroit News. Thank you very much for joining us. Let's go to Dana Clark for traffic. Accident reported along 6 96 eastbound before grass Shit collision there blocking your left two lanes. I've seen delays from at least gross back now. Wjr weather first from the Weather Channel sponsored by Liberty title protecting property since 1974 $2 billion a year is lost to cyber.

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