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Yeah definitely I think he's again another really good news story and there was even a moment and. Russell popped up in third plights. Everyone's crazy with low as amazing. Is just really nice to see they are. They're not the slowest team headlight they're. They're a good step ahead of both Alfa Romeo and hearts, and that was really really well. Nicholas Latifi getting through key to as well I. I'm in his fledgling. F One career in fourteenth and I. think that's like that's really that's really exciting is really cool the both up. Then as you say, is so difficult to overtake around here. Hopefully they can. They can stay and. We touched in the podcast on Sunday last week. About how maybe Georgia's lack of experience in terms of being in proper rating packs durations and. Maybe that country to his mistake last week, and and and cost him perhaps a better results I think this would be another good good charts for him to practice. To put. It's good you same Latifi as well and yeah, just really in the thick of it but I am sure that really excited for tomorrow's to get stuck into and try muscle around the midfield. Absolutely instincts and no on Latifi. There's a gap to Russell, but he's actually running different specification of car to his teammate that beings of alternating the updates between the drivers in terms of he gets gets what and it's Russell. He's got all the all the latest bits on his w forty-three this weekend. Interestingly they will both have equal equal parts from Silverstein. Until TV's answer, Williams as well. Let's. Let's bring this this snappy podcast to end with our fords the race tomorrow. What do you think is going to happen? Let's just say assuming it stays dry, because if where you'll be chaotic, and no doubt Lewis Mattress Napa, and all those people you normally shown in the, we'll continue to show him, but yeah, if he's a new numerous will rise tomorrow. What do you expect? I Mercedes are going to walk up I. think that's to be expected or going very smoothly. I think a lot that will be decided by who gets the best run down the I if either Bossaso Hamilton can build a decent lead I. Think Mercedes probably won't try and get see clever clever in terms, votes, strategies, or anything like that because that could create more. More pitfalls, so they don't really need so yeah I'd be surprised if Mercedes tried being too clever with that so I think that will be decided. So in the in the I ended the rice. It's the battle for third I'm really excited by because you've got the racing points so quick, but maybe over race having been as hot in the Austria racism, they were. Perez was fantastic in the last Sunday's race but I. Have a few more points by now, so I think this will be a really good chance for them to try and accrue that big size they need, but you've got Ferrari just behind on this ties lack of interesting for the First Eagle and trying to fight his way through as well. I, that's can be really ready to close basle, so yeah, I think that's where that's where we're going to get I. Think the mice excitement in tomorrow's rights with Mercedes cars going out front. If, it came to it. Do you think it should impose team orders to ensure the podium? Yes because they need a podium. That's a huge statement to make and. They've not got the big result that they really thought they would have by now. Look the second part of the great hair. That's incredible, but they need to back up and it really doesn't matter how you've just got to go and get that result. I think for that constructs this championship, and where they're going to say I mean if they are to get in the fight for third place against Ferrari for example and then they really just need to start thinking about even from this really early stage, so yeah, and that's GonNa, be interesting to see how that plays out I think. Particularly against the context of order the talks about vessel. Would it be Perez? He's booted out or was it infrastructure all of going on that I think it's a really really fascinating story lights. Yeah, that's one to watch. Absolutely well. Yes, it should be should be an interesting race whether eventually was asking. Take it to Lewis. Hamilton on the front. What happens with that final podium spot behind? We expect to.

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