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Mind. State moving forward after that meeting. It messed with my head. i had heard. It said like added whispers of it. True story at daddy's house working on a record for group was signed to motown. what was their name group. That was signed to motown. Puff was producing the record. I was there As the vocal producer. And i was there cutting the song on the guys and so i wanted to make a change lyrically to something so i told him to take a break I went and sat in a corner like behind one of those folding things inside of the room where the microphone was sat on the floor with my pen and pad and i hear the guys walking in the hallway outside the room. Then they come into the room and they're having a whole conversation and just out of nowhere. The conversation turns to know. Did you get a look at her. She looks like a fat aid. Nell carter guy. And so. But i'm in i'm in the corner and so i'm like dang they walk out the room. They're in the hallway there in the hallway. And i'm sitting in. I don't want to have that awkward moment of walking out of the room and going pass them but they won't leave and i'm like okay. You got you on clock you gotta get the session. I pulled it together. Walked out the door and walk past them and they're looking like i went back into the control room. They came into the control room Miskelly can we have a word with you. I said no we have work to do. We should just go ahead and finish the record. Well that group i a. Nope did get an apology. From one of the i. I swear to god i was walking through an airport and this guy was trying to stop me. And he's like remember me. I'm like no. I don't just tell me i know you're from and he told me he said well remember when you did that. Song for the group of blah blah. He said we were idiots. We were blah blah blah and. I'm like what do you got going on right now. He's like no. We still trying to figure it out. And i'm what i'm you know. This is years later. And i'm like okay next deal at after that because you do. The job dude is driving so much true story. He did put an offer on the table. And i said there was a bit of a bidding war. That did happen. It ended up being between. Mca did he paperwork on the table and then it wasn't def jam. It ended up being ronald eisley. Who i met. Because of puff. I i was in the studio working on a track that he was doing for lia finished it I'm on my way out. He was on his way and he was like where you going. I'm like home i'm done. He's like no. I need you to stay. I got some popular. I'm like okay. What you got he said is brothers. I'm like tone. He was like okay. So i need to write it. I'm like yeah. I can do that. I said well when is it needs to be done. He said like right now right now. He said he's here. He's leaving his hotel on his way to the studio right now will. Are you kidding me you have to be. He was like no. Yeah so big ups in new york traffic. It took him about forty five minutes to get to the to the to the studio from the hotel Which was enough time for me to depend floating on you. Love the first one back. Wow so what did you take at that time. 'cause you did. He gave you off of the deal. You had. Ron is off of the deal. That already said he doesn't care what you what you look like. Your voice is amazing. And where did you decide to go from there. i ended up with ronald. He had the least amount of money on the table was mad at you. Went to you the guy that introduce you to sign where he he felt away about it. He but i and i said to him. I said i need you to understand. I'm i'm thinking like from business at this point. I told him. I have faith. And i are not the same but we are too similar One of us is not gonna make it here And she's already here. So i wouldn't assume that i would be the priority not to mention probably wanted all you publish it to move. We got molly kelly price when we come back. Is the breakfast club. Good morning morning. Everybody gets tj envy. Angela yeesh alameda guy. We oughta breakfast club was still kicking it with kelly price. Charlemagne i wanted to talk to you about twenty twenty because you deal with a lot in twenty twenty you know you lost your mom. My mother my grandfather since you for that. Thank you. I appreciate it. I'm sure you're still in the process of of healing. What did that process. Look like to you The grace project and it ultimately was the thing that kept me. I feel like from probably going over the edge at the end of the year School friends church friends to the tune of about fifteen more people lost in my life last year. Did you get to see your mom in the casket when you when you recorded the album. Was you know they always say sometimes when you're trying to stay busiest a response to the trauma. You're not dealing with actually want to work or whether the trauma respond a little of both but necessary necessary. Because i had been in the house all year. Yes it was a trauma response. But that has always been my go-to when i was a young kid. I can remember just like finding a pad and a pencil and just do whatever was coming out of my head. Whatever was going on. Have you given yourself time to grieve not enough because following death arts things that have to be done things that need to be put in place if they're not already in place if there's not a directive left then you you know the family's kinda stuck trying to put things together and so i absolutely have not had enough time and i feel that sometimes when i feel that day coming on i allow myself to have that moment and the the blows from year. I think i will teach me how to live with them. I don i. I have to honestly say being filled with faith. I don't know that those are things that you ever get over But you learn how to continue to live with them and process them and eventually you get to a place where the thought of. It doesn't make you cry. You can smile. Go miss them. Please protect them into the. Oh absolutely i believe in god. But i got there i do too. I do listen. I promise you. I think that god gave us doctors for reason. Yeah actually got a referral very recently to go to somebody though. Yeah i remember when you first got divorced. He was saying how difficult it is dating. Because you had never really day known how is it now. It's been some years. She's i don't like dating life in the twenty first century. It's groupies to kelly because you kelly praise. Yeah i didn't like it off the market uh-huh yeah And happily so. Yeah yeah yeah. It was dating was icky the very first date that i went on. I laugh at it now. But i was traumatized after that date. I thought the date went. Well i got home out to dinner. Had great conversation had a great glass of wine. I'm like okay call drove my own car. I didn't want to get picked up. I don't even know where i live in case you're crazy And like two hours. After i got home. Bean look looking in the phone. And i'm like whoa. He's gonna pianist makes all. yes girl. yes i was like. That was been greek. Oh wait a second. no context. No no what did you respond or talk talk about it. We had really good grown intelligent conversation now. Did you reply at all what can be taken out. What the hell out of context. Once they were blocked off. You know that. That's that's crazy. Was it from the up angle..

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