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Of developing a program that would do that because I've been thinking about developing an app as well as developing a software program that could run on the computer that would do things that the current programs like solar fire that was designed 20 years ago can't and still very much look like they're from the 90s, especially with the user interface, but that could be one specific motivation or reason why to develop that program and what I would want to accomplish in doing so that would set it apart from others. Yeah, I think my orientation to those things is that I think you're right in the way that there is certainly advancements that can happen. And then at the same time, I think, once those events happen, then the humans will be able to build on that and then do things that the computers still can't do. As an example, I think of a technique like Sadak or releasing as an example. If someone comes in and gets a reading about zadok or releasing, you're not able to basically efficiently communicate their entire life story in their biography that fits into some mass structure of what the planetary periods that the L one L two L three and L four are. But imagine AI is able to do that kind of pay attention to listening to this gets into the very creepy area of a technology where what degree are you willing to give over your agency and your privacy over to these things that are tracking this? But let's say for the sake of the argument that we have a benefic AI that you're in control of that's able to track these things in a way that's trying to help you rather than surveil your control manipulate you, which is most of the time is. But if we do have a way in which that we're able to capture those deeper contextual dimensions, I think we'll probably be leaning into a realm where rather than having an astrologer to give all those delineations, it may be presenting all this information to give a presentation of that information for people to make their own intuitive judgments about these different patterns in their life. And that I can see a way in which just an example of taking photos. Just imagine all the different photos you've ever taken on your phone. And if you were able to apply a series of different timing techniques, after logically, and you could say, you can open your phone right now and you say, oh my gosh, this moment right now is connected to this cycle that happened at a venous cycle 8 years ago or mercury cycle 20 years ago or sun cycle 19 years ago or motorcycle 15 years ago or any quadrature aspect of those. And so like a square to that or maybe not quadrature, but with these different phases, there's the retrograde cycle of Venus as an example of the last retrograde cycle. However, way you break those up. That's a really good example actually because something input your emails, I have like 20, 25 years of 20 years of Gmail, not 20, 15 years of Gmail at this point, and like with the Venus retrograde cycles like having a program that could scan all of your emails and ask what was happening 8 years ago and Venus was registered in that sign and it comes back in it and says it looks like you're going through a breakup at that time. That would be helpful in a way that you could give you a shortcut to researching astrology using some sort of machine learning or program, but yeah, we're still here then taking that judgment that it's not to judgment. You're the one making the judgment, but it's able to process data more faster than maybe you can on your own. Yeah, and I think we're going to be moving into that realm where we're as more of the fluency in the astrological language and the power of being able to look at these different things. We're not at the point of being able to have those different ways of doing those big vast machine learning AI ways of dumping in all of our data that then can then be processed that allow us to find some mode of being able to navigate the underlying mathematical structures of our lives or the archetypal dynamics and the cycles of our lives. And that being able to lead to insight, not in an individual, but imagine if astrologers are able to become fluent in they are able to enter in a virtual world that has access to all these things and you're able to walk through the structures of someone's lives and be able to make delineations based upon empirical evidence that's been gathered at specific times that are known because timestamped on the phone. So you have this repository of all this empirical data of someone's lives that then you're able to then make more informed decisions. I think that is where thinking about doing all that. But yeah, you still need the astrologer at the end of the day to be able to help interpret those things. Because there's a pattern recognition of humans, but also AI can only do as much as they're trained to do in terms of machine learning. And being able to that same thing I talked about the limits of language and modeling versus what you do with or kind of intuitive processes that you can't fully even understand. Yeah. And one of the things you and I were talking about that I do think is the limitation also one of the questions you run into as a counseling astrologer when looking at somebody's chart and making predictions is sometimes just because you can say something with astrology doesn't mean that you should and sometimes there's a real judgment call of the astrologer has to make in reading someone's chart or in doing the consultation of seeing is this person capable of receiving this information and is it going to be helpful or is this actually going to be harmful or detrimental to them in some way with the background almost like medical dictum of do no harm, whatever the astrologer version of that is, ideally, being in the back of your mind, that's something where I could see I could see a machine not being as helpful or making a bad call and not having that sort of empathetic empathy, I guess in some way as being something that might not be as developed where there could be problems, let's say. Yeah, when I hear you talk about that, I think about how there's a process of looking into the past and also looking to the future. So the astrological process can be looking in the past in the story and then astrology can tell you what something may mean. But ultimately, it's still going to be up to the person as to whether or not they adopt that interpretation or whether they have their own interpretation for what it means in the store in the context of the story of their life. And so it's still up into some ways the agency of the client to be able to make that judgment call as to whether or not they adopt somebody else's story about what has already happened. The risky thing is when you start to look into the future and to say, well, because of this configuration, you're never going to find love as an example. Because of you have this and that and detriment, then this is.

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