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One of the ways you cleansed yourself was to go back and work for socialist mayor Burlington right for governor yet running for governor at that time, right as as an independent against Madeleine Kunin who was in the middle of her first to your term when. Bernie announced and for the record. Lincoln was one of the few Democrats, Vermont in two thousand sixteen who supported Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, which was a small minority of people. Vermont is the only state during the during the primary process where once candidates swept all of the delegates. So that was certainly a minority position so, but back in eighty six. What was it that that drew you to to Bernie? Well, I, you know, I had been corrigo radicalized at undergraduate school and I came back home again to this sort of sleepy place, and I was looking for, you know, what am I gonna do now kicked out of college, right? I don't have a job and you know he was running and I call down to his office to see if I can help out and guiding. Phil from auntie came up who's been a friend of mine. Now for decades came up and then should have been my first warning David. By the time he left. My house. I was the county coordinator campaign with absolutely no political experience whatsoever seemed good at the time. But in hindsight, said about a warning Sam know about him at this cockatoo Sieber exactly Bernie at an event when he came, I staffed a minute event. He came up to in in Franklin county, and you know, we, I guess we hit it off and he called me up and said, can you come down to work and Burlington a couple of days a week, and it's been, I don't know how many years is that now thirty years since then how which, which is the greatest thing in in politics. When you have these long term, relationships were of trust where you you really know how someone thinks. Absolutely. What. What was it then? What? What do you recall about your initial interactions with? I mean, I I will tell you that the impression of him generally is that he believes deeply in what he believes in completely sincerely doesn't have a whole lot of time for kind of social niceties. He's got more important things on his mind. Right. And I try, I assume you, it's like that. Yeah, he wasn't. You don't some ways. You know, we were going around the state and he was, you know, he would meet with small groups of people, eight, ten people, you know, far cry from the thirty thousand get a person crowds. He had twenty sixteen, but you know some ways that there were some Larry's because at that point he was mayor Burlington, not that well known or that itself was a national story when race. Absolutely. Because he he was. He was clearly on the. Left Iran came out of nowhere. You know, not up machine, machine politician in Burlington, but outside the Burlington, Burlington, Vermont, Burlington, you'll look at as a small city, but in Vermont, Burlington's the big city, right? And so among rural people and small town, people Burlington's looked at what at that time was looked at as sort of like the big city. And so people know really what to make of him outside of Burlington. So yet a lot of work to do a truth matters. He ended up being very popular with rural people in particular, I think who appreciated his sincerity and understood that he was, you know, believe what he said. You know, let me ask you question about that because he did my very first acts files, two hundred seventy seven shows ago and who's counting David? Well, you know, I like to have a little meter on my desk, but and one of the things that talked about was was guns. And I asked him and I actually really appreciated his candor said, if you were representing Brooklyn where you grew up rather than for my, would your position be have been different on on guns because he had been sort of moderate on the issue. And he said, probably so, yeah, although gotta tell you in Vermont, you know, his position, Vermont, particularly in the eighties when he was running for trying to run for congress, you know, it was really very because they're very, extremely left's. You know, Howard Dean had an a plus rating from the NRA throughout his entire career..

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