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Time for traffic and transit on the twos. Problems continue because of the weather again, you are looking at reduced speeds because of the conditions that you're coming into the Philadelphia area from Delaware. You're jammed on four ninety five it starts around Kleeman continues up to the ramp to ninety five northbound is because of an accident blocking the left lane. Now once you're on ninety five or slow approaching four fifty two up past the Commodore Barry bridge, a little lay out of the blue route. And then jammed on the ramp to get the broad street southbound on ninety five heavy from bridge street to Gerard jammed begin from the wall Whitman bridge onto the Brodsky ramp. Again, that's all Philly eagles traffic heading into that area. Same only Schuylkill. We're seeing big delays eastbound getting on at four twenty two and too old to that continues over to Gulf mills slow again from contra Hawkin to Belmont and delays again from city out. Oh, down to the vine westbound delay city avenue out to Gladwin. Blue route south crawling now approaching Broome all the way past route one now in marple township just off the blue route an accident still there on sprawl road northbound as you. Pass Springfield road were watching it on the jam Cam. Now, don't try try to scrape this vehicle off of the poll in front of cardinal O'Hara high school again probably speed related. We're seeing some delays throughout the area for that. Heading over the bridge is the worst of it is the wall women bridge. It's low westbound all the way across now. Just getting to the bridge is no picnic because forty two northbound crawls from Blackwood climate in Rhode up half fifty five and then delays from two ninety five up to the bridge itself. Mass transit, okay. Remember sports express trains are running now every ten minutes until twelve twenty from fern rock to the sports complex next update. Less than ten minutes. I'm Brian Ramona TruMark financial twenty four hour traffic center, the forecast Kemp's, you wait a moment. Great danger here to tell you Videon Chrysler Dodge Jeep and ram is my team when it comes to what I drive don't just take my word for it. Listen to Jason Kelsey, if you think Philly special, you gotta get to Newtown square and visit my friends video I tell it like, it is brilliant means value during Jeep adventure days and ram power days. You can't lose with the amazing deals on all the new vehicles Videon Chrysler Dodge Jeep and ram on route three.

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