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To this check out gore in life. Gosh we're here to play if you haven't seen any movies and you're on sixty this podcast. You are being held prisoner that angle checkout prisoners. It's a good may as well. I'm always it's crazy. That is someone once asked me. No i don't remember but they were just like is is all good acting yelling and then i started thinking about it and i'm like i don't think it is but i think all great performances have some yelling like i'm like listing like movies and that's one of hugh jackman in this movie. He doesn't yell like he's in the car screaming. I'm like he is in the car. Scream and look. I can't where's it. Good they don't yell comedy or they're yelling even doubt every more yelling at somebody and he's crushing it. He's the best yellow of all time. Yeah even like punchdrunk. Love is in like so little of it but when screaming at him to get out of the when he finally sampson and finally tracks down and start screaming. I'm like house. he's so much better. Yell along came polly. He yells and he's five. This is the part in the movie where you do the thing master. Yes i had to okay. We will invite it shows. The las culture recess do show called. I don't think so honey. And it's basically live Sort of ranting and doing what they do in their podcasts. I drew amy adams to like rant. About and my. She's my favorite actress and my whole rant was that she needs to demand she has she to retroactively. Get an oscar. Because anyone who gives a hand job to philip seymour. Hoffman should get an award for especially then now. It'd be weird but especially then domain. She doggy style. Sex to the opening of before the devil knows your with your parents because you go down. You like philip seymour hoffman. Turn it on on on demand on comcast and that is happening. I watched that movie like days after he died and it was not the vibe. I was like this is really good. But i'm not in the right head space to watch title with that title. Who would have thought it was like easy watch. I think this is a. He's like doing hereon he. It's like it was too close to home love. He was in so many movies. And i wish she was in so many more movies agreed degree. All right well. We had to take their a few minutes ago Thank you guys for listening. Dana vankirk dot com and check out everything Thank you for listening to podcasts. Everybody good sterling's podcast network..

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