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Jobs are great careers for people. It's a intense culture but I think that's good for young people right out of school but the jobs number or the there that now the second largest second largest employer and it's hard to believe that on we are again at record low on him. It's three point. Five percent at ticked up to three point six. The most encouraging thing in the number was at ticked up unemployment ticked up. Despite the fact we they added a Lotta jobs which says the people are being drawn. Back into the workforce right in our labor participation rate is going on which I think is a good thing I think. Work is is I I think April happier. That's right. It's one hundred percent. You're the two things that really drive. Your happiness is how you feel about your work. Feel about your. Let me. Just get back to our previous discussion parasite that that was all about work and not enough work. And how do you find work in the due to work correct. That's right okay. Let's talk about Uber's earning all this week. Scott I knew knew you had some things to say about it okay. Uber is now in full. Yoga babble started sinkhole the Yoga babble index for I do a word cloud and then look ridiculous words. Let me just read you something. I'm from the Uber. Everyone was excited. Growth was up there. Only losing a billion dollars in stock moved ten up ten percent in what has become a total Kabuki Dan. Dan is called a public company earnings. Call which are staged Broadway productions where prepaid the analysts to ask softball questions this. This is verbatim from the call. We're making proactive. Changes to achieve significant cost leverage for both risa needs to refocus operating playbook including approve machine. Learning Al goes further automation and targeting incentive and online marketing spin stronger tracking and focus for off line marketing campaigns the reduction of defect rates and improve self service tools to improve customer. What does that? What does that mean? What does any of that I mean? They're the Rudy Giuliani of the information age. Let's just overwhelm with which ridiculous words this way exway and then lineup some softballs those burnings folks because the analysts are just terrible. I used to live blog of yahoo earnings and I always make fun of the art of and by the way. This is courtesy of my buddy. Richard Kramer is a genius at a rat. Nothing fresh in that analysts are do softball questions things but he did say if you WANNA cut to. It expects the company profitable What do you think about that projection ashamed by this time next year? Expect somebody profitable while it will be profitable based on Made up metrics. They'll come up with their own metrics. They'll say yes yes. We were profitable. If you look at everything but our costs. They'll come right now. They're already reporting something called segment adjusted. Eba which is what I would refer to as frauds planning. It's basically yeah. Let's take out the cost and then invent our own profit number on a gap basis on a gap basis. I will drive a Newburgh for a day which is an a big deal. I've always thought about doing that kind of interesting. I think I'll make a bad. Not the Dr Kossi. He wants to make a bed with me on a gap basis. There's no way to companies prophet. So I'M GONNA ask you one final question this time next year. It's been it's been it's been a the first year as a public company Dr Obviously took over very tough business this time next year. Where will it be so this is this is who we have on the show and that is we should have mark Mahayni News? The Best Internet announced on my bias. My against Uber clouds my thinking here because Mark Mahayni you know there are certain people when they speak immediately question your viewpoint Jeffrey. Sonnenfeld is wanted from me. Mark my hands for me. You're a little bit that way not much but mark Mahayni. He likes us. Companies got along all on it and he he is. He is very good so we should bring him on but speaking speaking speaking of causing predictions. Let's revisit we're not GONNA revisiting. What did I say about Casper? What's the dossier talk about? His dog beds longer after the lockups. We're off you didn't say. Within days seventeen to nineteen they repricing. Twelve is such that they can have a pop. It opened a ten seventy one. Today it's already got it's already crashing. And I we said our prediction would be single digits by March one. It's going to be single digits. Probably at the end of the day. All right. This thing is a little. It's the Blue Apron of two thousand and twenty predict. What do you think? Do you think guber gets to profitability your career. I'm on your side not mark Mahaney's I think it's a troubled business. I think it's I think it's unless prices go up. Prices have to go up and then it's a growth problem so I think if prices prices go up sure why not speaking about work I wanted to do a behind the scenes talking out of school segment called Scott and vox okay. Now this is GonNa make everyone very few minutes. They have a guest coming up. So let's okay okay. So it's clear you and I it's clear. Pivot are now the tallest midget and we are literally the star. NBC must see Thursday. Vox or whatever it is do here right. It's like everyone is calling me and being really nice to me and I'm having dinner tomorrow tomorrow night with the yeah and bank off. Who seems like the nicest man in the World Marty? Moe Who's also that he was like the second nicest man in the world and like what can we do. What can we do? So it's obvious you're the Michael Jordan here and I'm the Scottie. Pippen the like okay. Make sure Scotty happy every once in a while. I'll just check in with Scott. Scotty Pippin God really. Don't Scottie Scottie. Pippen and I know he's he was like the number two. He was one of the most amazing basketball players in the in history except he had he had the misfortune of playing on the Chicago Ability. Michael Jordan was playing. You know kind of Michael Jordan and the doors are so no one remembers Minoan. Remember Scottie Scottie Pippen so last week and by the way where are are we going with this situation bring home all right bringing some land land. It's got angry at me of the Sheryl Sandberg saying you semi tax message at eleven thirty PM and you are very angry are you. We called it deeply on cool and really hurt my feelings because I'm this terrible combination offensive yet. Insensitive which is just the worst place worst type of person in the world. I offend others yet. I find reason so you got me really upset and got me thinking outside of the House. I'm an extrovert and I felt like there's no tomorrow and I'm I'm very aggressive and very very much pursue conflict. When I'm at home I like harmony can in my home? My son has his finished the fifth grade which I described describing academic terms of she gets real they decide to start giving kids CS and DS and my wife loses her shit and goes after my twelve year old this this is unacceptable. No more electronics playing basketball and the dog leaves the room. It gets so uncomfortable ugly and I want to leave the room. I want to go into the fetal position I do not like. Is this particular plane. Let where are we going here. So he goes into his room he goes newsroom in my role is to go in there and make a plan with them and then when my boys I adjust their back I rubbed their ears do geography questions and quizzes to relax them they go to sleep the next morning they wake up everything's fine. The scar tissue heals over the muscle. That's damaged goes back stronger than when they're nineteen and they get their heartbroken. I after not GonNa Freak outs on the whole. It's a good thing but it is really painful for me and it was really painful for me when you sent that message it show Bankok keeps saying what can I do for you so I have figured it out when you send me mean text messages at eleven thirty upset me. I want bank off to come over crack. My background. My ears and ask the capital of Iceland is Oh my God really. I'M NOT GONNA said even more tax. Good God go Keira. It's wreck you. Oh right Scott. I will not send you text anymore at eleven thirty but it wasn't mean at all but whenever Helix thirty eight. Oh my God i. I'm always he's up on Scott you understood. Promise I didn't tweet it you did I did. I did not did not thanks. Yeah that that'd be good arguments to twitter. I'm GonNa only send you nice things from now on on on on text. How about that story stories during the workday? Let me just tell you there. It is gloves off workday. You'RE GONNA get mean texts all right take A. I'm sorry I made major upset. I guess I suppose anyway. Scott we're GONNA take a quick break when we get back speaking of lovely people. We're going to size your ears. Friend of Pivot Andrew Andrew. Ross Sorkin is here and we're GonNa talk about a bunch of things around the stock market and instagram everything else when we get back if you work in. HR or learning and development getting employees to use new learning tools can make you feel like a nagging adding parent. It's basically a Sisyphean task to convince them to dig into whatever software you're using unless of course you're using linked in learning linked and learning. Earning is just different. It's the only learning tool employees actually use Lincoln. Learning is the preferred learning tool.

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