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And she saw this allergy note, pop up on patients charts often then her son was diagnosed with a penicillin allergy. He had just like an ear, infection and was on amoxicillin so, like, well, analogy four I had a rash because I was taken pin as Silliman just a red bumpy rash all over his body. And as in most cases that's enough for the person to be told. Okay, you're allergic to penicillin, and that went right on his chart, too. But it turns out that neither of us is allergic defendant, Zilin. How did you find that out? So, I think as a so often, the case in parenthood, I was more invested in my son's long-term well-being than I was in my own. And I thought you know, I really don't want him to have this label on his chart. I don't want this world of potentially ex. Solent medications to not be available to him for the rest of his life. And so I took him to see an allergist shall I'll want to dump a nice woman and see tone me, like was going to happen. And he went through a pretty simple skin testing procedure. They gave him one pill of amoxicillin afterwards when he passed the skin test, and he didn't have a reaction. So that label was totally taken off of his chart. He is not allergic to penicillin Neta, went through the same skin test and got the same result. And as she dug into more research she found out this is really common. We've actually learned in medicine that ninety five percent of people who have a reported, penicillin allergy or not, allergic to penicillin. She said that reaction she had as a teenager that itchy rash could have been from anything also people sometimes outgrow, these allergies. So what should physicians? And I'm thinking it's probably most likely primary care physicians who should know about this. What should physicians do differently? I think one of the most important things is that when we see that penicillin allergy on a patient's chart to ask more questions about it. We often treat that allergy tab as, as if it's written in stone. Whereas other parts of the chart were constantly updating and things are coming off and being added on, we should view that allergy tab with that same fluidity. So ask more questions. What actually happened? How old were you in some cases? The reaction really is severe. They might have had their skin Slough off of their body, that's serious. And that warrants more of like a closer investigation, but if it was that they had hives when they were thirteen like me, then we could actually really think about sending them for testing and maybe taking that off of their chart and not having or being able in. Quotes to take those medications can have some pretty serious drawbacks. Right. Absolutely. There have actually been a number of studies that have shown that people with a reported penicillin allergy have a higher risk of really serious complications, like, for example, Mersa, that resistant, staff, infection, also C, diff or clustered him difficile colitis, which can make a person, incredibly sick people with penicillin allergy have a higher risk of those kinds of infections. And so it's not a harmless thing to just kind of linger in your history for years and years. And what's the reason for those bigger infections? Is that because they were treated with stronger antibiotics along the way? And that's exactly right. Yes. Not afraid is an internal medicine physician and host of the primary care reviews and perspectives podcast. That's our show for this week. The pulse is a production of WHYY in Philadelphia our health and science reporters are Allen, you Liz tongue jets Lehman and Steph yen, Andreas copes is our inter. We have production, the systems from Julian Harris, Charlie. Kyler is our engineer Lindsey Lazar ski is our producer. I'm Mike in Scott. Thank you for listening..

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