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Confusing but not what truecar because they give you true price that's the actual price the real price clues everything from excess reason fees even before you get to the dealership truecar dealers was show you that troop price on cars exactly like the one you want all from the comfort of your home how do you know it's a great price true price because truecar shows you would other people paid for the car you want so you get that scatter gram you educate yourself by the car with the market bears for that car you get a fair price and the certified dealers the truecar certified dealers know this and they set their price competitively so they can win your business they're in competition as well right so it's not only all in it's a true price it's an educated price it's a competitive price it's a price for an actual vehicle on truecar certified dealers lot because it's an actual vehicle when you walk on the lot you know you've locked in a price for a specific car and don't forget newer us so when you're ready to buy new or used visit truecar and you will enjoy a more confident car buy experience some features not available in all states all right videoconferencing it's changed everything fewer trips more facetime zoom that is my choice you will not be unhappy zoo it's flawless it's pindrop clear audio instant sharing across any device desk laptop tablet or phone hd video it is striking and for the first time you can see up to twentyfive participants live on the screen i use it for podcasting use we use them for everything that we are absolutely our video conferencing of choice so some of the times when you hear my podcast that'll be zoom presentation so the audio speaks for itself and you can share anything from anyone from any device word files spreadsheets presentation decks youtube videos photo from your phone everything you've always wanted they've thought of everything videoconferencing in communication with some amazing features you didn't even think of but you wonder how you didn't how you live without it you can even set up green screen behind you and make a backdrop of your logo or whatever you want.

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