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Now am having Kentucky come to town and I have, to be honest, I did not want to respect Kentucky as much as I'm supposed to. Now. I did not think that they were going to be as good as they are aims favored by six, which makes sense a home game, Kyle field, whatever Kentucky being ranked though, is crazy to me that they're not getting more love with what the numbers because I would think that they would be favored since an is not ranked. What is your thoughts on that game? Because it's huge for Kentucky if they go six. And now it's the first time. They've been six since the nineteen fifties. And at the same time it makes you see, well, could they be part of the east? Are they as good as Georgia? We have no idea, but they have to go through an I. Yeah, I think this is obviously the biggest game in a long, long time for Kentucky, football, obviously, going into a tough environment them. I, I'm interested to see how this is gonna play out. I think am I think it's six nationally in defense right now, and if not defense as Russian defense. And I think you look at what Kentucky does so, well, they run the ball and they're running back as plane is good as any running back right now in the country. So I think what you touch on there a little bit Kentucky could could be one of the teams right now, at least you see outside of Georgia being one of the teams to be in in the in the east. I just look at him though. I'm not going to go to pick against somebody want me to do here. I agree. I mean, I like Benny. Yeah, I like Benny Snell a lot. And like you said, like, he's really good. Ain't got the number one. Rushing defense in the SEC in top nationally, like you mentioned..

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